Paintings Pics and Artbooks galore!

Hey everyone,

I hope you are all recovered from Christmas, turkey, toboganning, and (lots of) snow! I’m still on holidays, not back until the first week of January, but I’ve been able to get a little painting done.  A bit hard when I’m so relaxed. I need my stress!

The paintings are going to be in the Gallery 1988 San Francisco show opening March 6th. The paintings are inspired by the Sea and the Sky and by very special music. I’m working on a music project, more than just a cd cover, where we cross-inspire each other – I do the visual, Charles does the auditory. You can expect a little cd release with the artwork too. The music is extremely emotional, very haunting and often times sad, and although that sadness is there, the girls express longing and that also means hope, and I think you always need hope where love is concerned. Here are the pics:

So that’s a little peek into what’s in store, painting-wise in 2009.  But first of all, I wanted to thank everyone for an amazing 2008. Truly. I am speachless. It was such a wild ride! I can’t believe how much happened.  So many paintings, and toys, and handbags!! Wow! The year finished with a bang with the party at El Kartel. My online store is open and taking boxing day orders, btw! Save yourselves 20-25% because I’ve changed the currency to Canadian.

And for anyone who saw this, IDW Publishing has made Ashely Wood’s Swallow 5 available, and I’m in it! Woohoo! What an honour, I absolutely adore Ashley Wood. I won’t shy away from saying he’s my hero, seriously.  But check it out, I still don’t have my copy, but here are sneak pics from Ashley’s blog… I’d highly recommend buying it! There are two covers, one by Ashley Wood, the other by Sergio Toppi:

And January is around the corner … which means … Hi Fructose Issue 10 is coming out!  Here is the online preview. I’ll be one of the artists featured in the issue, and I am over the moon about this. I mean, I’m in there with Glenn Barr, Yosuke Ueno, and Bob Dob, not to mention Chris Ryniak and other great artists. This is the cover:

And this is the image from the intro to my piece:

And last but not least, I’ve also got a few pieces in the Big Bros Workshop, Garden of Eye Candy artbook, published by Ginkopress. This one won’t be available until the end of January, though. Mijne Schatje is the artist on the cover. She’s a sweet and extremely talented artist from France, who did a show with me in October in New York at Ad Hoc Art Gallery.

I think I’ll stop here, its been a long one! And I’ll be back in the New Year with more updates, a proper show and convention schedule and more news on other projects.

I wish you all a rockin’ New Year’s Eve. No resolutions for me, I’ll let life take me where it wants to, I’m just enjoying the ride.  Thanks again for your unending support and friendship and love! It means the world to me.

Camilla ^__^

3 thoughts on “Paintings Pics and Artbooks galore!

  1. Congrats Camilla! It looks as though 2009 will be just as exciting as 2008! You deserve it!
    I am hoping that you will be at Anime North this year! Will you?

    Best wishes, Pauline

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