Party Pics & Thank You

Hi everyone, here are the photos from last Friday’s release party.  Thanks to Lois for being such an awesome photographer!

For anyone in Vancouver, there are still a few prints and a couple of pillows and Tanpopo books left over. We estimated about 500 people came in during the night!

Zebramilk original painting is sold and I’ve heard voices that there are offers on the two large canvases.  Nothing definite, so if anyone is interested in those originals pls email the gallery:



There are a ton of photos and you can see them all here!  There are photos of all the merchandise, the paintings, the canvases, the prints, the shirts, and all the people! Thanks to everyone who came out, and who supported me. It was a truly fun event and I can’t wait to repeat next year!


3 thoughts on “Party Pics & Thank You

    1. Maybe … but it was way more work than I expected! 😉
      What I might do is make some before coming, and just have a few that people can buy. I’ve got lots of ideas!

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