Party Round Up and Some Sweet Reviews

I want to thank everyone who came out to the party on Friday night, and especially to everyone who helped make it a reality! From the clothing (MJ, Tomoha, my models), to the party organization (Pablo, El Kartel crew), to the press (Alan, Maggie et all the bloggers) … it was a fantastic night.

Of course, I didn’t have my camera as I’m terrible with these things, and dear Nancy, who is go-to girl for all my events, couldn’t make it out.  So if anyone has photos, can you send them through to my email?  I do have one picture, which came with a nice article by Vancouver Sun’s Arts & Entertainment Editor, Maggie Langrick on her Been There, Done That blog.  Read her review here.

The guys from Vancouver’s JustalilHYPE Magazine have published their article too!  They were at my place during the model shoot, so some of the photos in the article are behind the scenes shots.  I have to give kudos to photographer Agnon Wong for the pics, because I love how expressive and sweet they came out.  Read the full article here. Alan left no stone unturned in this interview!

We’ve been really busy with the online store as well, and the clothing has been a big hit.  Check out this fab (I love that British term!) review by UK’s inimitable tshirt review site BUY TEES.  Paul Baines makes me jealous with his awesome style, and also ecstatic about the compliments.  Pre-Raphaelite is a term he used … lovin’ it!!  Read the review here, and do make comments and spread the word! My clothing line is making the rounds across the pond!

That’s it for me, for now!  Thanks again to everyone. Much love from this happy girl,


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