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What is Patreon – is a membership platform that help you support your favorite content creators. This is a wonderful way for you to support Camilla each month while also getting exclusive content and rewards. Vote on which prints are released monthly, get a say in what Camilla names her works, get sneak peeks of upcoming events and releases before the public! Sign up and get discounts for online shopping and access to a Patreon Store where you can purchase exclusive items.  Sign Up Here!

Patreon Tiers

$1 No Rewards – Just good vibes!

$2 Art Galore tier – You get access to the Patreon only posts and polls the general public doesn’t!

$3 Fangatic tier – Read Camilla’s vampire novel series, its funny, sexy and fangtastic! You get new chapters each month and a monster themed digital image which can be a digital print or a coloring page and a discount code for the online store + all previous rewards

$5 Behind The Scenes – Do you love seeing behind the scenes and getting an in depth look at how Camilla creates her paintings? This tier gets you a specially made WIP pdf each month of one painting PLUS you get access to the Patreon Only Store + all previous rewards

$15 Fuzzbutt Tier – Gets you an exclusive digital copy of the bee of the month only found on Patreon + all previous rewards

$30 Exclusive Art tier – Where you get to vote on art created by Camilla each month just for patrons! You will get a digital copy of the print + all previous rewards

$75 Commission tier – Do you want art made just for you? This is where you can commission Camilla to make a special drawing that she’ll work on and then mail to you! The tier is designed so you can pay installments over the course of 3 months + all previous rewards

$95 Collectors tier – This is the ULTIMATE tier for Camilla collectors and enthusiast. Each month you’ll receive a special mystery box of Camilla collectibles, which contains 1 hand embellished print of the bee of the month, 1 print exclusive to this tier ONLY that cannot be purchased anywhere else + all previous rewards USA only (international people who want to join will be billed for international shipping separately before it is shipped)

There is so much to explore on Camilla’s Patreon. Even if it’s just $1 a month your subscription goes a long way to help Camilla create her artwork and share it with the world. 

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