Portland Signing Event – Part 1



As I leave for Emerald City, I want to send out the first tentacles of news about the Portland Signing Event and Release Party happening the Thursday before Stumptown, April 16th!

What better reason to get to Portland a day early?  This signing event is for the release of a new art print, and Matt at Compound Gallery went all out on the tshirts and even got some funky new tote bags straight from Japan. You all know how much I LOVE Japanese culture, Japanese anything!!!

The image on the tshirt is brand new. It is called Techno Tako from my San Francisco show at Gallery 1988. Guys and girls can equally rock this bad boy!


And even though a lot of people know about my handbags, we’ll be launching a tote bag here with Compound and that’s a new product for me! I’ve never done totes before. Plus the news that they are from Japan makes my heart pop! I can’t hide my adoration for the Japanese culture, hence why I raid the manga section of every bookstore I go to. Without further ado, this is the image for the tote – Foxdoll. And if we can swing it, the butterflies will be in colour! My choice is a bright teal 🙂




The highlight of the night will be the limited edition Art Print. The print is called Rainbow Fingers and I don’t have all the details of the print yet but I can share the image of course! Rainbow Fingers is also from the recent Sweet Surrender show:



What other great stuff can I tell you about? Without doubt my Dark Horse journal and stationery set will be on hand, and I’ll have other merchandise like my postcard sets, sketchbooks, a few of the handbags and accessories.  I’ll also bring a few comic books, namely all six issues of BURN, The Nightmares & Fairytales TPB and Tanpopo.  


I can’t say enough good things about Aaron Colter from Dark Horse who has been an awesome event organizer! I’m blown away by the support and encouragement I get from Dark Horse in everything I do!

I can’t wait for this event, so while I busy myself at Emerald City, you can be sure that I’ll post more about the details of the are print, some mocks ups or even photos of the new clothing and also more details about what I’m planning for Stumptown itself.

Have a great weekend!

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