La Madra Umbrella


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23in Tall
Product Features
◆ Full Color printing on full panel
◆ Auto Open/Manual Close straight umbrella
◆ Shaft: black coated metal + fiberglass ribs
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Since you all loved the first umbrella design I did, I decided to expand my umbrella collection and another one of my colorful paintings to life! For this design I chose one of my personal favorites, “La Madre”.

This bountiful beauty is “La Madre” from my Submerged solo exhibition at Dorothy Circus Gallery, Rome. Her title means ‘The Mother’ in Italian. There are so many things I could tell you about this painting, from the butterfly sharks circling the melted rainbow waters, to her tiny regal crowned goldfish, but she is a woman of mystery, too. You can unravel some of them for yourself by adding her to your collection!

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