Medusa Umbrella


Size Info
23in Tall
Product Features
◆ Full color printing on full panel
◆ Auto Open/Manual close straight umbrella
◆ Shaft: black coated metal + fiberglass ribs
Availability: 210

“Medusa is a Gorgon of Greek legend. My heart goes out to Medusa as a deeply misunderstood creature, with a personhood worth knowing past her famed exterior. She’s vilified for a fate she never chose. For her portrait, I painted her eyes closed. Not to conceal the threat of them as a weapon that turns people to stone. But to encourage the viewer to look to her face and expression as the window to her soul. Even monsters have souls, and hers is deeply intertwined with a tragic course set by the Fates themselves.”

Now my beautiful and misunderstood Medusa can protect you from the elements as a beautiful umbrella.

The original was painted for my Myths & Monsters solo exhibition at Beinart Gallery in 2021.

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