Bonnie Bonnet

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“Bonnie Bonnet” is part of my SKY solo show.

“We all live under the same sky.” It’s an Italian saying about unity. We all share the same planet. We are all human no matter how different we look. So that’s the theme of my new show. It’s about the human rainbow and loving each other’s uniqueness.

Bees are an integral part of the planet’s ecosystem, and if you look at them as an icon for bringers of life the way that I do, you may see past the crazy colors and into the meaning of bees of all colors coming together in one place.
All over the planet, there are bees of all shapes and colors buzzing around pollinating the globe working together to bring pollen back to their colony to feed each other. In my color surreal way, I wanted to show Bonnie as the colony, the symbol of humanity and our planet. The bees in this painting represent all the different cultures of the world coming together to bring life to the earth. In her veins circulates the lifeblood, the food that sustains her and it comes from all the bees working together. I like to think of this piece as unifying the banners of humanity under one beautiful being. She is the mosaic of humanity in my solo show.

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