Sister Cerulean Kimono Spa Day Box


This wonderful Spa Day Box is a collection of some amazing new products. Treat yourself or treat a special someone with this limited edition robe. There are only 50 so don’t miss out!

Each box contains one of my beautiful and luxurious Kimonos, an exclusive sleep mask, a facial, and a packet of Bahama Mama handmade bathsalts.

This kimono featuring, “Sister Cerulean”, is handmade in Vancouver, Canada with an eco-friendly fabric and dye. The kimono is soft and weighty (material is 155gsm), so it feels like you are wearing a hug. Made for both men and women, this unisex kimono is a one- size fits most.

The box also has a 3.3 oz package of my handmade Bahama Mama bath salts as well as spa grade quality face mask perfect to relax and unwind in these crazy days!

Once you are done pampering yourself with these wonderful items you can drift off to slumber land with my brand-new product exclusive to this Spa Box, “Harrietta” sleep mask. This new product is a detailed selection of my painting Harrietta and is a beautiful sleep mask. The edges are risen up so the mask doesn’t rest against your eyelids allowing you to drift off to sleep easier.

The blue lady balances the animals of the sea and the sky in her sensitive arms. Like the color blue she embodies wisdom, confidence and is full of imagination. There is a feeling of love and loyalty as she cares for nature’s cerulean critters. Blue brings calmness and serenity. So, she’s the perfect choice for a calming spa experience.


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