“This brand-new work of art is part of Camilla’s 2022 solo show “Prism” that debuts Dec 17th at Haven Gallery in New York. Collect this work now before this one-of-a-kind art finds another home! Email info@havengallery.com to purchase.

I really want this show to make people think, and explore their own emotional relationship with color. My collection is heavily inspired by the way prisms work to refract a single beam of colorless light into a full spectrum of colors. I wanted to see my own artwork through a conceptual prism, and visually emphasize the dichotomy of color vs. the absence of color. I started with monochromatic and grayscale renderings of the subject matter where the intense colors were removed. As my collection developed, it changed in ways I hadn’t planned, as though the artworks passed through the prism of my creativity and their true colors emerged. My collection uses colors to convey emotion, and personality or talk about the environment. How the viewer is affected by the absence and emergence of color is as important as how it affects the subjects. Creating this dialogue is about expressing what they feel, and feeling what they express.“


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