Mystery Rings


Size Info
Ring base sizes:
◆ 20 mm diameter
◆ 15.5 mm square
◆ 1 mm x 18 mm
Product Features
◆ Bronze ring bases
◆ Slightly Adjustable Rings (17 mm inner starting diameter)
◆ 5 Different ornate styles
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These handmade rings are stunning in person and look like tiny abstract art pieces!  Each one is completely unique made from Camilla’s paint palettes and comes inside a teal gift box. Inside the ring is a portion of a paper palette with real paint, that Camilla used to create the incredible paintings that you have fallen in love with.

No two of these rings are alike. You won’t know which you get until you open the box! So, you can order one for yourself, or two or three even and they’ll all be different. They are perfect for a gift for that special someone as well.

Each purchase gets you one ring at our fulfillment center’s choice. They will do their best to not duplicate the ring styles but there is no guarantee. But be sure that the uniqueness is the contents of the ring underneath the glass and not the shape of the ring!

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