Sister Cerulean Artist Proof


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16in x 20in
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◆ Hand Embellished
◆ Printed on Entrada paper
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This blue lady balances the animals of the sea and the sky in her sensitive arms. Like the color blue she embodies wisdom, confidence and is full of imagination. There is a feeling of love and loyalty as she cares for nature’s cerulean critters.

Sister Cerulean was the 6th Spectrum girl to be released from my 2020 Solo Show at the Corey Helford Gallery – “The Color Wheel”. Color, and the absence of color, are communicators. The Color Wheel collection was conversational, pushing emotional and creative boundaries.

This Hand Painted Embellished Artist Proof edition, is limited to only 8 signed and numbered pieces, has 5 different iridescent paints used for the embellishment. The regular editions have been long sold out and these 8 pieces are all that is left of this beautiful lady.

This special edition is a must have for collectors.

Entrada paper is a thick lightly textured fine art cotton paper (300gsm).

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