Hivemind, Taste the Rainbow &
Me, Myself & I
PRE-SALE Ltd. Ed. Print Bundle


Size Info
All three prints are 16in x 20in
Product Features
◆ Numbered edition of 50
◆ Unsigned
◆ Comes with matching numbered certificate of authenticity
◆ 3 Bonus exclusive postcards
◆ These special edition prints are all uniquely made on 3 different kinds of fine art paper
◆ Hivemind - Rainbow Glitter Holofoil Paper
◆ Me, Myself and I - White Rainbow Holofoil Paper
◆ Taste The Rainbow - Rainbow Holofoil Paper
◆ Pre-sale of "Taste The Rainbow" and "Me, Myself and I" will ship out with "Hivemind" ahead of their scheduled releases in April and May.
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There are only 15 sets of these limited edition prints. Each set is grouped with the corresponding numbers, so each print will have the matching number.

These prints are a limited edition, so once they sell out they will never be reprinted as such again.

This print bundle set also comes with 3 exclusive postcards as a special item you can only get with this set.

So don’t miss out on these pieces, they are truly amazing and a collectors dream!

Produced on an incredible fine art White Rainbow glitter Holofoil paper 12 point cover stock. The wings have been embellished with a spot gloss to create an iridescent shimmer which highlights the paper attributes and the wings themselves. Bringing this art to life. Watch how the colors shift and change in different lighting and angles of view.

“Sometimes it is difficult to put into words what we feel. Pictures however speak a 1,000 words. I hope that this painting can connect with others on a deeply emotional level.”

Me, Myself and I
This special edition print is produced on an incredible fine art 12 point White Rainbow Holofoil cover stock. . The pool and color have been embellished with a special gloss technique to create a different layer of colors that changes with the light. The image comes to life and is always changing depending on the angle in which with these effects are viewed!

“Even when the world seems bleak, within ourselves is a wealth of positivity that transcends the space around us.”

Taste the Rainbow
This special edition print is produced on an incredible fine art 12 point Rainbow Holofoil cover stock. Which seems to have been made for this artwork. The Rainbow and colorful rainbow drops have been embellished with a spot gloss to create another dimension of colors that seems to glow with warmth and iridescence from all angles. The color takes on new depths with these effects!

“Life and experiences fill us up, fulfilling our very essence. This piece is a metaphor for our journey in the world. As a hedonist I imagine gobbling up the beauty in the world quite literally.”



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