The Guardian Mazerunner

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8" X 10"
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$7,000 AUD
Oil on Wood Panel
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info@beinart.org inquire about making this piece yours!" >

This painting is inspired by the Minotaur of Greek Mythology. Traditionally, monsters in Greek legends are creature s cursed by the gods. I’ve always felt sympathy for the seemingly unjust fates handed down to these creatures, whose only crimes may have been to exist. The Minotaur was trapped in a maze, so in my interpretation, I endeavoured to free the Minotaur. The Minotaur is no longer a monster, but a human girl, to highlight the spark of humanity I believe resides in all monsters of legend. Freed now, her horns send up smoke signals as a beacon for others to find her. And for them to finally see her for her humanity, past the illusions, and smoke & mirrors they were told to believe about her as a monster.

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