The Overworld & The Underbite

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12" X 16"
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$12,500 AUD
Oil on Wood Panel
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info@beinart.org inquire about making this piece yours!" >

This painting is a personal interpretation of the mythical creature, Cerberus, who traditionally guards the gates to the underworld. But in this piece, Cerberus is a faithful lapdog. Exactly like my own furry potato, Loki. And instead of guarding Hades, he guards the gates to this girl’s heart. Surrounding her are ladybugs, to illustrate the folk legend of someone waiting to find their one true love. She is a soul that is still new to the world, and early in her journey to find love in any of its forms. Her heart is fragile, which is why Cerberus is guarding it. And she loves him so, and holds him close to her own heart.

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