Moonflower SDCC Puzzle Bundle


This listing is for the exclusive puzzle and bandanna bundle that was available at San Diego Comic Con 2022! This was an edition of 100 and we had less than 25 of these left over from the show and we are offering it here until October 30th.

This bundle has the official Comic Con International sticker on the puzzle and it’s also the only way to get the beautiful Moonflower bandana! This is a beautiful collectible set that once sold out won’t be available again, so don’t miss out on it!

In the name of the moon, I will make your life cuter! Moonflower is a tribute to one of my favorite animas, Sailor Moon. I love her as much as she like cake and that’s saying a lot! So, if you are as big of an anime fan as I am you’ll absolutely love this puzzle.

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