Soul of the Storm Website Exclusive Bundle


Size Info
27.5" x 20"
Product Features
◆ 1000 pcs
◆ Thickness: 2.0mm
◆ Material: ESKA blue board
◆ Soul of The Storm Bandana included
Availability: 40
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This is my very first puzzle that I’ve ever self-produced. This will be exclusively sold only by me and won’t be available in mass market stores. I chose the image, number of pieces, material, designed the box and everything. This is 100% the puzzle for Camilla d’Errico fans!

About the chosen image:

“Soul Of The Storm was painted during an emotionally turbulent time for many people, myself included. I like for people to see their own soul reflected in artwork. Darker times can spark some of the strongest emotions in us, like a storm. And the temptation to see the feelings born of those experiences as negative things is high.”








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