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11" X 14"
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Texture Paper fully framed
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This is an incredible exclusive print of my painting Mariana’s Tide, that I did for my 2020 solo show the Human Odyssey, at Dorothy Circus Gallery in London.

This print is an extremely unique textured print. So it’s the closest thing to an original painting that can be reproduced. Fine art textured printing is a 3D built up image that is created either in photoshop or achieved via a scan. In this case the printer used photoshop to create 7 different print layers.
4 textured layers, two white layers, and lastly the color layer. The process takes 1.5 hours for each print to be created.

There are only two machines in the world that can accomplish this type of printing
There are some prints that look like they have actual texture to them but those prints use shadows and highlights to accomplish that.
This print actually has a very unique 3D textured print that will last a lifetime and is a collectors dream!

The image size is 11×14″ and it comes fully framed.
It is a limited edition of 25 units, it comes with a COA, a Comic Con International Exclusive sticker, Each print is signed and numbered on the back

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