Caprice – Cancer

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Astrology can be insightful, revealing personal traits as well as giving each part of humankind a purpose in the universe. The signs rely on one another fitting together to form a cohesive picture and lovely mosaic of humanity. But whether you are a Cancer or not; this painting is meant to be enjoyed by all, no matter what sign you are.

Cancer: The Crab, Astrological Dates: June 21 – July 22

This sign is compassionate and supportive, helping others with an open mind and heart. Cancer’s have a desire to feel loved and appreciated by the people in their lives. They are wonderful at nurturing other’s lives both emotionally and physically. I dedicated this painting in memory of a dear friend’s mother. Her favorite color is purple, so in honor of her, I chose the violet hues to balance the earth tones that relate profoundly to her down to earth nature.

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