Release Party December 13th

Everyone in the Vancouver area and even all my friends in Seattle, mark your calendars for December 13th, because you’ll want to come to El Kartel on Robson St, Vancouver for my big party!

Most of the clothing at the event is limited edition, made especially for the show! There will be new Damage and Devotion 4 tshirts, Punchbrand embroidered hoodies, and clothing from TAG Galleries.

Plus, I will be releasing, for the first time, my Pooks design on clothing – scarves and sweaters to be exact!

I’ll also have a set of limited edition art prints, sets of 5 to be exact, made for the party. Here are a few of the prints that will be available:

But it doesn’t end there! On this night ONLY, I will be pre-releasing 5 each of the handbag, purse and accessories series from OSO Design House.

That’s right, the entire series from coin purse, wallet and moon bag to the different size and shaped totes will be available, but like I said only 5 of each model and colour.

I will be making another 5 each of the handbag series avaiable for purchase on my ONLINE STORE starting November 24th. So if you can’t make it to the party and you really wanted a bag for Christmas, please order through the store on Monday, and I will ship out on Tuesday!

That’s it, there you have it! I really hope you enjoy all the great clothes and merchandise I’m preparing for the party, and I especially hope that lots of people will come out to celebrate with me because I seriously love the merchandise, and I know you will too 🙂

See You Soon,


5 thoughts on “Release Party December 13th

  1. Just wondering as to whether the prints that are being released are copy prints (such as at AE), and I’m curious as to whether debit is alright, and also how much the prints will be…
    Thank you, and much love
    P.S i WANT your iguana print!!

  2. Hi Camilla,is there any possibility to get the any of the 5 limited edition print any other way,i don’t think i can make it to Vancouver,would be nice…i just love the them!!!
    Please let me know and good luck with the party.
    This is Sasha from London…again!

  3. I love the prints! I can’t wait to see everything on the 13th. How much are you going to be selling the prints for?

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