Robots and Monsters Show at the Ayden

This Friday, October 24, The Ayden Gallery (Vancouver) is hosting a neat show – Robots and Monsters with great artists – some familiar, some new – and the theme is definitely pre-Halloween!

What’s on offer at The Ayden from me? Limited edition (really limited) giclee stretch canvases of the Mountainhead design (yes the same one as the tshirt). The giclee is on the original pink background and one of the two is “masked”!

For those in Vancouver, come out for a funky Friday night. Ken has live music lined up as always, admission is free, and I will be there with lots of the other artists.  See everyone there!

PS: I’ll be celebrating the sell out of both my New York shows – Opera Gallery and Ad Hoc Art Gallery. The pieces were a hit and it is a huge success for me! I’ll be breakin’ out the bubbly 🙂 !!!