Sakura-Con 2010


Hi Everyone!

Good news ^_^ We survived Sakura-Con!! The crowds were massive, with some people waiting up to six hours just to get in! Probably a good idea for everyone to pre-register online or something cause that was a lot of time spent sitting there waiting.   Everybody was so happy anyways and the costumes were incredible! Most people were dressed up which was so awesome to see!

sakuracon2010 018
We <3 Camilla

Some people came specifically to buy Camilla’s merchandise – thank you Jessica, Seven and Jaseena and others.  We introduced Camilla to a lot more new fans.  And then there were Camilla’s fans who didn’t know we were there who stumbled across our booth and cried out with happiness to be able get some “shtuff”, right Kyle?  😉

sakuracon2010 031

I’m wearing our Black and Gold Hoodie and Kyle’s holding Burn #5

sakuracon2010 015

Owen, our booth helper at Sakura-Con

Check out all the delicious merchandise!! No wonder people came back over and over!  There are 53 different arts cards on our table!  Camilla and I are coming out to Calgary April 24-25 so that will be your next chance to see our booth and all this merchandise.  If you can’t make it, you can always buy online!

If you want to see more pictures, check out and our Facebook Fan Page at

Anyways, off to work in the yard so I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a great week!

Nancy <3

6 thoughts on “Sakura-Con 2010

  1. Sakuracon had record number of attendees! Great news for next year. Seattle will have to get ready for even more great merchandise and maybe even Camilla to do some signings.

  2. Wow, that convention looked like alot of fun!

    Any chance of you guys coming to Toronto for a convention? They have the annual FanExpo happening on August 27-29 this year. So far, the only attendees they’ve announced is this year’s Guest of Honour, none other than Stan Lee. But it’d be awesome if Camilla and crew showed up. I’d definitely be there. To hell with Stan Lee. LOL!

    1. Hey Jay!
      Thanks so much for writing! I had a good laugh… to hell with Stan Lee LOL Good one ^_^ FanExpo looks amazing and we’re really excited to be going. Toronto’s always a fun city to visit. Anyways, hope you are having an awesome Sunday, see you in Toronto…can’t wait to meet you!

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