A Fan Short Story – Must Read!

I love coming across fan art, tattoos, cosplayers and any form of creative expression derived from my art.   It’s the weirdest feeling, but a wonderful-weird, because I see my work or my images and how they’ve been interpreted. How they inspire. And it leaves me speechless.

We try to share as much of it as we can find (usually AdaPia reblogs it from her Tumblr since so much of it finds its way to that awesome site).

This time I want to share the first (to my knowledge) short story based on one of my paintings. And I was simply blown away by it. You’ll have to click the link to read it the original post, but here’s a little snippet.

“You stop a fine lady on the road, having lost your way several miles back, and she does look quite helpful, distracted though her air is.  That bird flapping distraughtly on her back must surely be disconcerting, and those bees could quite wear on one’s nerves.  It’s no wonder that she seems to have lost her shirt somewhere…”

Can you guess what painting it is before clicking through to read the whole story story?  It’s totally worth reading, and keep in mind that this was written by 19 year old Katie, who has a passion for writing, but is pursuing music as a career. Katie, if you’re THIS good at your hobby, I’d love to hear you sing!!  ^_^

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