Solo Show Coming Up!!

I am extremely proud and excited to announce to everyone that on July 12th, at Copro Nason Gallery in Santa Monica, CA, I will be showing 20 pieces in the first SOLO SHOW of my career.

I”ve really been pouring my soul into these paintings, as well as a few buckets of elbow grease! They are turning out amazingly and I”m sure you”ll absolutely love them.

For anyone interested in acquiring a piece, please contact Gary at Copro Nason and ask to be put on the preview list (1-310-829-2156). And for a little taste of what is in store for my Waterfall of Dreams, here is a picture of a work in progress.

Even though I won”t personally be able to attend the opening reception, I invite everyone who can make it, to go to Copro Nason. The gallery itself is spacious and beautiful, the crowd turnout is amazing, and of course, seeing the paintings in person is a different experience. I promise you will be transported into another realm.

To all my loyal collectors, fans and friends, thank you for supporting me and for giving me the inspiration and motivation to prepare for this pivotal and important show. And special thanks to David Freeman and to Gary at Copro Nason for the opportunity to express myself through my paintings in such a big way.


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