Spectrum 18 Artist List

The Spectrum Fantastic Art 18 List has been announced!  This is the full list.  Last year, Camilla was in the highly touted book for the first time in her career, and three of her pieces have been chosen for Spectrum 18. While we won’t spoil the surprise, we do want to give a shout out to some other artists and friends we know and love, and congratulate them (and all the artists) on their nomination:


Bobby Chiu

Kei Acedera

Frank Cho

Matt Dangler

Brian Despain

Eric Fortune

David Mack

Jim Mahfood

Kent Williams

and MANY more …

Speaking of  Bobby Chiu, remember the Tanpopo Drawing Camilla donated to the “Artists Help Japan” fundraiser in Toronto organized by Imaginism Studios?  It sold for over $400, and the event itself raised $20,000.  A tip of the hat to the entire organization and all the artists. To see the art, a video of the event and  more details, check out their  blog.  This is the image of the auctioned art piece:  Tanpopo Tricks!

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