Squidhead and InkStuds

I’m a blogging machine lately 😛

But I wanted to send out an invite to Vancouverites to come and visit me at the Vancouver Art Gallery on Saturday for Squidhead! Its part of the KRAZY! exhibition going on all month. This special event is hosted by the gallery but is OUTSIDE the gallery.

I will be there along with Cloudscape. Its a great chance to come by and buy some comics and prints and just chill.

The event is this Saturday, July 19th from 12pm-4pm! VAG Events

And for those of you who like podcasts here is the link for you! I was just on the radio, Inkstuds is the show that’s all about comics. So i talk a lot about my comics and go on random tangents. If you feel like listening to an hour of me chatting then check out the link!


And yes, i really am that silly.

Ciao! Ciao!

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