Subtext Show – YOKA Panda

This is going to be the first in a series of posts about recent happenings and future events. There is so much to tell everyone about!

First up I wanted to let you all know that the vinyl show at Subtext Gallery in San Diego was a big hit. The crowd turnout was great. There were some amazing interpretations of the YOKA Panda. The show was a joint project between Cardboard Spaceship and Subtext Gallery.

Here is theĀ preview from the show.

My Panda is still available, for anyone who is interested, price is $900 USD.

This is honestly a one of a kind piece and it will take some serious arm twisting to get me to do it again! Painting on panels is one thing, but painting on a Panda … Here are some pictures of her!

Thanks to the great guys at Subtext and Carboard Spaceship. I was also at the Cardboard Spaceship booth during the San Diego Comic Con signing and selling limited edition prints we did, to coincide with the YOKA panda!

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