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Black Antler Full Album Now on iTunes


Camilla’s painting collection “Sea to Sky” sparked Black Antler to create a music album inspired by Camilla’s artworks. The full album for “Sea to Sky” is now available on iTunes here.


 Black Antler’s tracks have been described by some as ‘hauntingly beautiful’, and certainly create a dynamic facet to some of Camilla’s most beloved paintings. Preview the album, or collect the full tracks, here.



Flow(ER) album by Cumalus with my art

Here’s a little treat, and a long time in the making! Cumalus is a hip hop artist with some seriously great beats and his first album just came out, called Flow(ER).  He is the first musician I have ever worked with on artwork, and here is the cover of his album. I am excited to be getting into more music-based collaborations, so I hope you enjoy the album artwork, and please support Cumalus by buying his album on iTunes.   You’ll love the tracks! Congratulations Cumalus!!