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New Zerofriends Shirt Available

Wicked news! The tshirt I designed for Zerofriends is now available! Check out Zerofriends, and of course the genius (and totally amazing guy) behind most of the Zerofriends artwork … drumroll pls … Alex Pardee! His blog is also a fun read, and he’s a master at Twitter (jealous!).  They’re going to be rocking Wondercon in San Francisco this weekend, so go see them and pick up your own shirt.

You recognize the image, of course – it’s Disassembled Tears!  And if you want ‘The Set’, remember that this print is available on my online store (and still on sale until the end of today, March 31st).


“In a place unimagined by humans, in a world populated by androids, life and drama play out their cruel fate on a girl’s heart. This android lives her normal, happy life in a junk pile until the day she is dumped. The crow that sits on her head is her doom and he’s come to caw triumphantly during her final moments, as she begins to fall apart.”