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Black Friday Sale + New Items

As shopping for the Holiday Season is ready to kick-off, we’re happy to release some brand-new products into the E-Store, as well as offer some exciting sales!

To start, the No Ordinary Love Fine Art Print is now in-stock and available for the low price of $55.00, a great value if you’ve ever wanted to see the detail of a Camilla d’Errico original without owning an actual painting. The ink and paper quality of this fine art print is truly superb.

There are three new mini-prints now available, including Cherry Jubilee, The Plane, and Frenemies! As a special treat, all unsigned mini-prints are onsale for 2 for $30, helping you save $10 in case you want to get one as a gift and one to keep.

If you’re looking for something to hang on a wall without having to worry about framing the piece, we’re now offering a new line of Art Blocks that are portable, easy-t0-hang, and still showcase the beautiful work. New images include:

Cherry Jubilee

The Plane

Neo New York


Bird’s Nest

The Mermaid

There are also some great new accessories available, like the Royal Egg Watcher and Sweet Peacock lace bracelets, Royal Egg Watcher and Sweet Peacock lace rings, a Royal Egg Watcher lace necklace, Royal Egg Watch and Bad Madeline gold & black lace rings, and Royal Egg Watcher and Sweet Peakcock silver rings starting at $20.00.

If you really want to set your space apart, we have some incredibly soft and stylish Art Pillows featuring images from Yuuta, No Ordinary Love, and Innocent Eve!

Finally, if you’ve ever had you’re eye on one of the limited-edition Hamburger Disco t-shirts, now’s the time to get one because they’re marked-down from $35 to only $25!

From everyone at d’Errico Studios, we hope you have a wonderful holiday season and safe shopping. If you have any questions about purchasing, be sure to check out new Facebook and Twitter pages where you can ask questions and get feedback about general or specific issues. Thanks for supporting independent artists this year!

Kuro Vinyl Toys Now Available Online

Great news! After months of only being available at the 2011 San Diego Comic Con, the much anticipated Kuro vinyl toys are available online from Inner Sanctum!

There are three different varieties of Kuro vinyl based on the devilish character from Camilla d’Errico’s Tanpopo series – now on MTV Geek and soon to be published by BOOM! Studios – and each variation is still available to order online through the Inner Sanctum store.

Choose from the SDCC Glow In The Dark version, the standard Black & White version, or the customizable DIY version. But hurry! There’s no telling how long these highly collectable figures will be available during the holiday shopping season.

To show everyone how much fun the DIY version can be, d’Errico Studios’ wonderful and lovely assistant Tasha has created some amazing designs of her own that we’re excited to share!

(This one is called Benjamin.)

(This one is called Loki.)

Fantastic job Tasha! Tasha is hard at work on a student project called A Gorey Demise Storybook, and she could use some support. So, use the link to check out the impressive hand-bound book she’s looking to make in the coming weeks.

Finally, we’ve started a special Facebook and Twitter page for people to get in touch with us about any questions or issues in our E-Store. We hope these channels will make it easier for everyone to contact us about ordering merchandise in the coming weeks as people starting looking for gifts.

Thanks, everyone! Hope you’re having a terrific fall!

Granimator Contest Winner Chosen

Remember the Granimator Contest we started weeks ago? The winner has finally been announced! (Sorry for the wait.)

Congratulations to Ella on her winning design! She will be sent a special print of her own creation signed by Camilla as soon as we can get the piece made. Check out her winning entry below:

[Click for full-size version]

Finally, a special thanks to everyone who helped fund the Tanpopo Kickstarter! It was incredible to have the book reach over 50% of the original goal. The money will be used to make a hardcover edition of Tanpopo Vols. 1-3, as well as a very special, limited edition book that won’t be available in stores.

In case you missed all of the updates, here are the new images that were released, including: The new Tanpopo cover, Black & White Slipcase image, Colored Slipcase image, and a Limited Edition Print that will be available soon:

[Click on any of the images to see full-size versions.]

Minneapolis Institute of Arts Residency

It’s a great honor for Camilla to be selected for the Minneapolis Institute of Arts Artist Residency along with fellow Helmetgirls: Origins writer Joshua Dysart! Both Camilla and Joshua are being invited to be a part of the institute’s Edo Pop! series that follows how 17th-century Japanese prints have influenced artists today.

Things kick off tonight with “Teen Studio: Samurais to Helmetgirls” – a three hour live art demonstration and in-studio talk by Camilla and Joshua.

This Sunday, November 13th is FREE Family Day at the museum from 11:0am to 5:00pm! So tell your friends in the Minneapolis area to come out and see the different works on display. It’s a great opportunity to be inspired by some impressive, historical prints.

For any writers interested in the process, on Wednesday, November 16th from 3:00pm to 4:00pm, Joshua will be speaking about his award-winning graphic novel series Unknown Soldier.

To close the residency, both Camilla and Joshua will be speaking with Katherine Milton, Ph.D, about a variety of subjects in a lecture titled “CrossTalk: Manga, Anime, Comics, and Pop! Contemporary Practices Rooted in Japanese Tradition.” Tickets are available online starting at just $10, or can be purchased at the door, or by calling (612) 870-6323.

Last Day to Fund ‘Tanpopo’ Kickstarter

The level of support that the Tanpopo Kickstarter has receieved has been amazing so far! Thank you so much! With less than 24 hours left, we wanted to show-off Camilla’s colored image for the limited edition slipcase. This exclusive, special edition of the hardcover book will not be available in stores. So, if you want your own copy of the image below, you better visit the Kickstarter page now!

(Click to see a larger view.)

Only One Week Left for ‘Tanpopo’ Kickstarter

Thank you all, again, so much for helping us reach the goal of funding the Tanpopo Kickstarter campaign! If you haven’t watched it yet, please check out this video from Camilla where she talks about what will happen with the extra funds.

With only a week left, and after releasing the numbered and signed print image, we wanted to show fans the new cover of Tanpopo that will be available in March of 2012. The hardcover edition of the book will collect Vol. 1 – 3, as well as some terrific bonus material.

And because we’re feeling so happy, we thought we’d show you the special, limited edition slipcase image! The image is currently only in black and white, but we wanted to make sure everyone knows that the limited edition of the book (starting at only $50) will not be available in stores – this very unique copy of Tanpopo is only for Kickstarter funders.

There are still a few open spots open on the Kickstarter page for fans to purchase an original line-art page from Tanpopo, but only a handful. Other tiers have sold-out, however, there are still plenty of limited edition books available, but only for one more week!

And while we have your attention, don’t forget that the Granimator Contest ends at the end of October! Plus, in case you missed the news, we announced the guest artist line-up for Helmetgirls: Origins, and keep an eye on more developments of the Sky Pirates of Neo Terra video game – coming soon!

Kickstarter Funded and ‘Helmetgirls: Origins’ Guest Artists Announced

We’ve got even more big news following New York Comic Con!

If you didn’t see the exclusive announcement on CBR, we’ve announced the special guest artists for Helmetgirls: Origins! It’s so incredible to finally tell everyone that the following amazing people will contribute to the book:

Ashley Wood

Bobby Chui

Ben Templesmith

David Mack

Terada Katsuya

Ray Fawkes

Brandi Milne

Kaare Andrews

Leonardo Gonzalez

Cameron Stewart

Molly Crabapple

Danni Shinya Luo

Travis Louie

Barbara Canepa

If you’re unfamiliar with any of the artists, please click on their link to see wonderful examples of their work. The guest list alone is going to make this one of the best books of 2012, and wait until you see the full-length story by Camilla and Joshua Dysart!

It’s also with great joy and humble thanks that we celebrate the complete funding of the Tanpopo Kickstarter campaign – over 100% with brand new tiers for original art added!

Because this book was able to be crowd-source funded so quickly, we’ve decided to do the same for Helmetgirls: Origins, with some proceeds going to benefit the on the CBLDF!

It’s been an incredible year, but it’s not over yet! Look out for the Sky Pirates of Neo Terra video game to hit Facebook and iOS platforms in just a few weeks!

New York Comic Con Announcements

October is upon us, which means it’s time for New York Comic Con, one of the biggest comic and anime conventions in the world! There’s so much to announce this year, so let’s get to it!

First, we hope you’ll come say hello in the Small Press Section (seen in the image above with the red-dotted line around the space on the right of the map) – we’re at Booth 2752 – right on the corner so it’s easy to find.

Next up, you’ve probably already seen the news, but in case you haven’t, it’s so exciting to announce that the Image Comics graphic novel Sky Pirates of Neo Terra is going to become a video game on the iPhone and on Facebook thanks to Day 21 Studios!

And in other video game news, Camilla was chosen as one of only a few select artists to contribute to the Tomb Raider 15th Anniversary Celebration with a piece titled “The Depth” that you can see below!

It’s also a pleasure to see that the Tanpopo Hardcover Edition Kickstarter backed by BOOM! Studios is nearly 70% funded! We recently teased out a chapter break image that will be in the new book, which you can see here.

Don’t forget, we’re still running the Granimator Contest for the iPad until the end of the month, where users get a chance to play with Camilla’s original designs to create their own unique wallpaper image!

And last, but certainly not least, there will be a special update on the Helmetgirls: Origins graphic novel at NYCC – so keep your eyes and ears peeled to the Facebook and Twitter channels, as well as this blog to see the news when it breaks out into the public!

As always, thank you for your support and kind words this year. It’s been a whirlwind of activity and announcements, and seeing all of the news come together in once place like this is super! If you’re attending NYCC, please RSVP with us on Facebook, and we hope to see your wonderful, smiling faces at the show!

‘Sky Pirates of Neo Terra’ To Be Facebook and iPhone Game

You may have seen news of the announcement on The Escapist and CBR, but it’s official – Day 21 Studios, a veteran run, independent video game studio, is announcing the launch of their debut title Sky Pirates of Neo Terra. Designed for gamers ages 10 and up, Sky Pirates offers real-time online multiplayer racing, the first of its kind on Facebook.

An original game by Day 21 Studios with character designs by comic and pop surrealism artist, Camilla d’Errico, Sky Pirates’ unique visual style and thrilling racing offers gaming audiences a different kind of experience with their friends on Facebook than the typical Farm builder.

Sky Pirates takes place in the original setting of Neo Terra, a wondrous world with a rich backstory, forgotten technology and natural magic. The most popular sport in the land is Glidewing racing, which culminates in a Great Race in the valley of Neo Eden. Winning five consecutive Great Races earns the victor the right to name the leader of the Great Tribal Council. This year’s upcoming race has the cruel Pirate King poised for just that honor, one that could throw this peaceful world into turmoil.

Players get to choose their racers and Glidewings from any of the 14 tribes of Neo Terra or customize their own in order to best the Pirate King and five of their friends on over a dozen unique courses in this high-flying aerial racer.

To see more screenshots of the game, along with concept art and more, head over the Sky Pirates Facebook page. And to pre-register for the game’s launch, which automatically enters you in a contest for a chance to win one of five original pages from the graphic novel, please visit the Sky Pirates website.

Coloring Contest Winners Announced

There were so many amazing pieces of art entered into the Color Ink Book Coloring Contest that it was very difficult to pick winners. In fact, we’re giving out some runner-up prizes because there were just too many to only choose two!

Out of all the excellent entries, the winners are:

1st Place – (An original sketch by Camilla d’Errico.)


2nd Place – (Two randomly selected 12″ x 18″ art prints.)


Honorable Mentions – (One randomly selected 12″ x 18″ art print.)




A big, big thank you to everyone who entered. Seeing so many talented people turn in colored pages was really special. Don’t forget – we’re still running a Granimator Contest as well! You can see all of the entries to the contest in the Facebook album. ^_^