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My very first BLOG ^^)


Hi Everyone!

These are fun and fast-moving times and I thought since it’s so darn exciting for me, you might like to hear about it too. First off, my nicknames are a combination of me and what I do… Nancy + Cons + Online Store  = Conan / Nanacon / Nanaconda or just plain ol’ Nancy – whatever works for ya!

Two weeks ago, this small town girl took over the big city of Orlando – and had a blast at Mega Con 2010.  The crowds were huge and it was so much fun introducing Camilla to so many new fans.  One girl actually cried when she saw “Blueberry Sucker” – octopus love ^_^   I had awesome Booth Helpers – thank you and big hugs to Miriam and Holly.


So, here we go, our convention season is now under way!  We are pretty stoked to be attending Sakura-Con for the first time – this weekend!  This is also the first time we took pre-orders to ensure you get the “stuff” you want before someone else buys it at the con.  What a great idea!

Camilla is heading to WonderCon which should be amazing, as always.  I can’t wait till we team up for Calgary Comic Con April 24 – Camilla is a special guest so make sure you go to her workshops.  She loves to do them and you will learn a lot!

We love “stuff” and look forward to bringing you even more sweet merchandise in April.  Besides cons, you can shop online anytime.  We want you to be happy, so please let us know if you need anything at all.   Email me at cderricostore@gmail.com and I will do everything I can to help you!

I hope you all have an awesome Easter!  Having spent a lot at the dentist in the last few months, no one in my family is eager for chocolate LOL but a nice big dinner is going to be lovely.  Talk to you soon!

Nancy <3