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Phoenix Comic Con Exclusives Peek


Camilla is headed to Phoenix for the first time,  to attend Phoenix Comic Con as a special guest artist! Find Camilla at booth 2036-2038 for new books, prints, comics, and merchandise.

Exhibition Hours are

Thurs June 5- 4pm- 9pm
Friday June 6- 10am-7pm
Saturday June 7- 10am-7pm
Sunday June 8- 10am-6pm


New Books

Camilla will have brand new copies of Tanpopo Graphic Novel 2, it comes in a decorative slipcase and is over 90pages longer than GN! Inspired by literary works from Edgar Allan Poe, Shakespear, and 1001 Arabian Nights, things take a decidedly darker turn…




Camilla is bring a lineup of prints,  some favourites and some convention exclusives, to phoenix comic con. You’re not going to get Pom Pom Kitty Pie online, so drop by booth 2036-38



Camilla will have convention exclusive merchandise like zippered pouches, artblocks not available on The Camilla Store, apparel and laptop cases.

Word is that something else brand new is debuting at Phoenix Comic Con



If you’re in the Phoenix AZ area, say Hi to Camilla at Phoenix Comic Con! You can RSVP to her Facebook event here.

Tanpopo GN2 Packed With Love and Heading Out


Our Pro-team at Southern Kentucky Warehousing are packing up Tanpopo GN 2, Femina & Fauna, Helmetgirls and Pop Manga books ordered during this week’s launch, and they’re headed to their new homes.

Our eStore shipping team take care your new art books and prints are packaged with love. Here’s their step-by-step process on a new Tanpopo GN2.

Book packing1

Book packing2

Book packing3

Book packing4

Tanpopo GN2 books are headed to their new homes. Orders placed today and this weekend are eligible for a bonus copy of Tanpopo Singles Chapter 1 – out of print and retired, these collectible singles won’t be around long! Pickup Tanpopo GN 2 and your bonus Singles 1 here.


Devilish Things Contest Winners!


You little devils! Kuro’s so proud, your answers on social media to his Devilish Things contest were fantastic. Kuro scoured social media using the contest tags, and deliberated. It was so hard to pick a winner, he and Camilla chose 3!

Grand prize of a signed advanced copy of Tanpopo 2 with a sketch inside goes to Kenny Mak. So simple, yet so devastating. Pure evil!


Runner up is Richard- it was that butt-slap that did it. So cheeky! Richard, we would like to send a collector’s set of Tanpopo singles chapters 1-3.


Honourable mention and a Tanpopo singles Chapter 1 goes to Lynn Heart for her creative use of characters from the world of Camilla d’Errico.


Congratulations, and thank you everyone for participating! Winners, please email us at info@camilladerrico.com so we know where to send your prizes 🙂

Tanpopo GN#2 releases officially May 28th on The Camilla Store,  Amazon, and at Book & Comic shops near you!

Tanpopo GN2 – Such Devilish Things Contest


Tanpopo Graphic Novel Volume 2 is coming to The Camilla Store, Amazon, and book and comic shops near you! Official release date is slated for May 28, copies will be available on The Camilla Store here.

Tanpopo is Camilla’s passion project, combining her love for classic literature, manga & storytelling, with her own characters and narratives.  Graphic Novel 2, containing installments 4 & 5, continue Tanpopo’s journey to discover what it means to be human, guided by Kuro, the devil in disguise.

Tanpopo GN2 Pic

A fresh wound of the heart is torn open by the unmasking of Kuro’s deadly deception with Ni. His lessons in human emotion push Tanpopo to the limits of her resolve. Is this part of his plan as her otherworldly guide or has he underestimated Tanpopo’s dogged independence?

Following Tanpopo Volume 1, Volume 2 continues Tanpopo’s journey into human emotion through classic literary works of Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, and 1001 Arabian Nights.

Tanpopo GN2 Page



Camilla received a very few advanced copies of Tanpopo GN2 for her Spectrum Fantastic Art Live showing this month. She held back a small handful of copies, signed and did original Tanpopo sketches inside to send to The Camilla Store team.


Kuro wants to know, what Devilish thing would you do to get your hands on a signed advanced copy of Tanpopo GN2 with an original sketch inside? Replace every Yahoo Answer with cryptic hieroglyphs? Fill Old Faithful with cream soda? Fake spiders in the cookie jar that come to life if anyone but you tries to sneak one?

Tell Kuro! He’s listening through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr & Instagram. Tell him what your Devilish Deed is and tag it #TanpopoAndKuro #DevilishThingsContest

On Friday May 23rd by the time the clock strikes Midnight, he will chose his favourite Devilish thing of them all, and see an advanced copy of Tanpopo GN2 with an original sketch inside spirited your way.

Let the games begin!
Let the games begin!

Thanks For A Fantastic SFAL!

Giant banner1

Camilla was honoured as a special guest artist at 2014’s Spectrum Fantastic Art Live in Kansas City MO. Spectrum is the largest and most prominent fine arts showing of its kind, and it is a very special privilege to contribute to the showing.

Fans who have never had the opportunity to meet and visit with Camilla in their neighborhood before had the chance to visit her booth full of prints, new books, original artwork and of course smiles & hugs.

Spectrum Booth

Camilla would like to thank John Fleskes and the Spectrum team,  Shena & John, Cathy & Arnie, and her collectors and fans, both loyal and new supporters, for making her visit fantastic!

Tanpopo GN2 Pic

Tanpopo gn2 sketched

Tanpopo GN#2, published with BOOM! Studios, made a sneak peek advanced debut at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live this past weekend. Tanpopo 2 has been a long time in the making, with fans waiting years since the last installment, and Camilla & Boom! do not disappoint! Camilla held a small handful of copies from Spectrum to add original Tanpopo sketches to, and send to The Camilla Store eStore warehouse. These limited sketched & signed books will be available very soon to Tanpopo collectors and superfans, so be sure to sign up to the Newsletter Here for release details.

Tanpopo GN2 is slated for official release May 28th, with copies being distributed to The Camilla Store, Amazon online, and bookstores near you.

Melting Mind Fine Art Prints

Melting Mind print 2

Camilla had a small handful of special Spectrum edition fine art prints at SFAL, including a closed run of 5 Melting Mind fine art prints. These look amazing! Fine Art Prints are signed & numbered with certificates of authenticity, printed on 300gsm moab entrada rag paper with archival inks. The Melting Mind will release as a timed release fine art print on The Camilla Store Here for 48hrs starting May 16th.

Learn With Camilla On Skillshare!


Camilla d’Errico is a strong female voice in the North American comic industry- especially as a prominent North American manga style artist. And now she brings her 13+ years of comic industry experience to a 13-part instructional online program through Skillshare. Camilla’s program, Fundamentals of Manga: Digital Illustration, launches May 9th, 10am EST here.

Camilla’s Skillshare program expands in depth on places How To Draw – Pop Manga began; composing a professional comic industry quality cover illustration, from start to finish. These professional instructional videos & materials feature a brand new illustration of Tanpopo, incorporating character designs from Camilla’s soon-to-be-released Tanpopo Graphic Novel #2.


What You’ll Learn

  • Sketch. Learn to draw out your ideas with lessons on composition and drawing inspiration.
  • Draw. Transition from pencil to ink, and learn to overcome the obstacles of the “finality” of ink work and accept mistakes. I will also cover important drawing techniques.
  • Ink. Refine your ink work and prepare for the scan. I will cover brushstroke technique in depth.
  • Scan. Scan your drawing into the computer and learn to adapt the inked image into a digital illustration.
  • Color. Add color to your digital illustration with my efficient coloring tools and tips.
  • Print Quality. Finalize your work to make sure it is up to print quality standards.

Tanpopo Graphic Novel 2 is set to release May 28th, so this Skillshare program launch privileges students to an inside look at the unreleased graphic novel characters & materials. Learn with Camilla here.


Tanpopo GN 2… Cancelled?


A reliable source close to Tanpopo and Kuro has revealed the star-crossed couple had eloped this past weekend while Camilla attended Emerald City Comic Con. The newlyweds have disappeared, and cannot be reached for comment.

It would seem plans for Camilla and Boom! Studios Tanpopo Graphic Novel #2 are halted in their tracks, just weeks before international release.



Ok, you got us. Tanpopo and Kuro have a whole new story to tell- of love, angst and heartache, in Tanpop GN2. Stay tuned for updates through Camilla’s blog, social media, newsletter and eStore for pre-orders.

Camilla at San Deigo Comic Con 2012


Camilla returns to San Diego Comic Con July 11-15th at Booth#4723, located right in the middle of the Fantasy Illustrator, Artists, and Designer Toy sections.


Exhibition Hall hours are;

Wednesday July 11 (Preview Night) 6pm-9pm

Thursday July 12 9:30am-7pm

Friday July 13 9:30am-7pm

Saturday July 14 9:30am-7pm

Sunday July 15 9:30am-7pm


Find Camilla at her booth for signings, and lots of new and special releases!


Camilla will be joining a panel “Censorship and the artist” Thursday July 12  from 12noon-1pm in room 11AB.


New Prints for SDCC


Camilla has a new lineup of Mini Prints for San Deigo Comic Con. A little birdie tells us to keep our eyes peeled for some new favourites.

Brand New Mini Prints available at San Diego Comic Con!

Tanpopo Hardcover GN from BOOM! Studios

With the Kickstarter in the final stages of completion, Camilla’s pleased to showcase Tanpopo Hardcover GN at SDCC! Camilla and these books are rumoured to be joined by a special Guest July 13-15… Tanpopo guest cosplayer Erin Montemurro!

Tanpopo GN 1 will be available at SDCC!


No Ordinary Love Fine Art Statue


With pre-ordered recipients receiving their statues shortly, Camilla has snagged a very few No Ordinary Love Fine Art Statues for San Diego Comic Con. These statues have an international Darkhorse release date of September 2012. These few, and pre-ordered recipients, are months ahead of the world-wide release!


A very small handful of NOL Statues will be available at SDCC
Inquire store@camilladerrico.com for SDCC Pre-Sale


Wouldn’t it be nice to have No Ordinary Love Prints too? 😉 We’ll see!


New Designer Bags and Apparel


Camilla has a brand new line of designer Haut Totes totes and bags for the summer. Haut Totes are on temporary leave, and will be back in August, but these bags are here for SDCC!


One of several new Handbag designs by Haut Totes


Camilla will also have a few of her new, smashingly popular, Donnie Darko “Little Dressup Doll” printed Tops.


Limited Edition Donnie Darko tanktops are alslo up for pre-order at store.camilladerrico.com

Missing Comic Con? No problem! These tanks are up for special online pre-order here

So many new releases, so little time! Stay tuned for more SDCC news, and be sure to RSVP to the Facebook Event here!

Tanpopo Hardcover Now Available To Order from BOOM! Studios

Last year you helped us raise over $15,000 to help fund a very special edition of Camilla d’Errico’s Tanpopo through one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns ever in the comics industry. We’re so grateful for those that were able to help fund the hardcover project, and we’re proud to announce that the book is now available for comic shops to order from BOOM! Studios.

News of the book’s release into the comic market was featured on sites like CBR, comics-x-aminerBrokenFrontier, and Comicosity to the Brooklyn blog AlternativeMindz, PopDecay, TheOuthouse, and the awesome Tumblr page Ladies Making Comics. The hardcover edition of Tanpopo could be in stores as soon as March, which means Kickstarter funders should be getting their rewards in just a couple months!

If you missed all of the different tiers and prize, you can still check out the Kickstarter page to see all of the bonus material, like:

Limited-Edition Slipcover

11” x 17” Art Print

Also in Kickstarter news, the books from Womanthology are starting to arrive, so those should be sent out to the funders of the project soon! (You guys are so amazing for helping fund two big projects!)

If you didn’t get a chance to pre-order the book and you would like your local comic shop to carry the hardcover of Tanpopo, contact them and tell them to look for Tanpopo in January’s issue of their Previews catalog, Diamond code: JAN12 0963.

And if there’s not a comic shop in your area, the book should be available to order online through the BOOM! Studios website in the near future. Keep a look out on the Facebook and Twitter page, and we’ll be sure to let you know when it’s up on Amazon too.

Last Day to Fund ‘Tanpopo’ Kickstarter

The level of support that the Tanpopo Kickstarter has receieved has been amazing so far! Thank you so much! With less than 24 hours left, we wanted to show-off Camilla’s colored image for the limited edition slipcase. This exclusive, special edition of the hardcover book will not be available in stores. So, if you want your own copy of the image below, you better visit the Kickstarter page now!

(Click to see a larger view.)