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Pillows! Big, Fluffy, Beautiful Pillows!

Hello, hello!  It’s Wednesday and that means only 3 days until the big parteeeee >_^


Today I will be showing and telling about the home decor part of the release party!  These are the first sets of limited edition pillows from the UK company, Click-For-Art and they will be available at Ayden Gallery for the party — the ONLY place where you can get these in person in Canada.  Myplasticheart just got some in stock – they are New York based.

click for art pillows

Click-for-Art has these in two sizes: 15.75 inch pillows and GIANT 40 inch floor pillows!  So if you want the giant pillows, you can buy them from their online site.  Shipping isn’t even that much – they’ve done some magic with the shipping rates, as low as $10 for the small pillows.


But pillows aren’t the only interior decor item we’ve got at the party.  What about Buddha?! I’m so not kidding.  Buddha is a pillow, a guard dog, a decor object and a collectible.  So why not make him part of your home decor?  Look … you can even dress him up >_^


Santa Buddha Kuro


There are two brand new exciting products from the Click-for-Art world that I want to tell you about … mini-bags and eye masks!  Mini-bags are $29 and eye-masks are $14.  This lovely gal is Unwavering Hearts.  These have JUST been released!




And how can I forget that the limited editions don’t end at just pillows?  They’ve also made some gorgeous canvases of all 3 images – No Ordinary Love (portrait), Yuuta (landscape), Innocent Eve (square crop).

Pillow_Canvas Photo


My udpate for today is done! If you’re coming to the party, you can pick up a pillow for yourself! If you can’t then you can still get it shipped quickly and cheaply from the manufacturer – Click-for-Art.  So many cool products and I’m excited to share them all with you!  <3 Camilla

Anime Evolution

Anime Evolution begins tomorrow!  I’m on my way to UBC to set up! I’ll have a table in Artist Alley AND in the dealer’s room so come by to get a hold of me, new prints, new merchandise (including shoes), new books, TANPOPO 3!!, STITCH, and Buddha plushes!


Here are my panel times. So for those who’ve ever wanted to see me live paint…now’s your chance!

Hobby to ProfessionalPanel room 4: Friday 2:00pm – 3:00pm

Demo for PaintingPanel room 4: Friday 4:30pm – 6:00pm

…See you at UBC!!


So much news and reviews!

Hi everyone, I’m still battling the most outrageous Comic-Con cold in history. Can you believe it? This year’s con really did me in :P.  I wanted to thank everyone who came out to see me in my spiffy new booth 4920 in the Fantasy Illustrator section of the convention.  Having a 10×10 booth totally rocked!


I had lots of press visits too and need to thank Hi Fructose, Vinyl Pulse, Spanky Stokes, LA Weekly, Wired, and even Toysrevil for posting about Comic-Con.  My signings at Dark Horse, Last Gasp and Image Comics were all tons of fun with lots of fans who came by to say hello – thank you!  And the Buddha launch was a huge success!

(c) spanky stokes

Another couple of really fun things to come out during Comic-Con, but unrelated are the Notcot & Notcouture (thanks Jean!) :


and Tomopop reviews of the Croc-o-Hug shirt.


Finally, this video interview for Electric Playground:


And for anyone who didn’t get their very own Buddha Kuro, he’s now available from the online store and ships from the US. So he’s more affordable than ever!  I’ll get over my nasty cold and be back with more cool news for you very soon. Ciao Ciao! Camilla

San Diego Comic Con Here We Come!


Hi everyone!!  San Diego Comic Con is right around the corner and we’ve got so much great stuff to share with you, so get ready for a bit of overload :P.  First of all, let’s talk Giant Buddha Kuro.  We are excited to share this guy with you, even though he’s ultra limited edition.   This “plushzilla” is seriously H-U-G-E.  He stands a full 2 feet tall, 60″, he’s about 1 foot wide and 1 foot deep.

San Diego Comic Con Exclusive


There are only 100 Buddha plushes available and they are to be picked-up at the convention, from booth #4920.  The price per plush is $125 USD.  We are now taking PRE-ORDERS so please write to cderricostore@gmail.com to reserve yours!  If you get yours on PREVIEW NIGHT, Camilla will even be on hand to make an extra special signature/sketch on his giant hang tag!


“What if I’m not going to San Diego Comic Con?!?!”  You’re right, not everyone goes to SDCC, so for those who want Buddha but can’t pick him up you can get on the  pre-order list.  We’ve looked into shipping already, and it won’t cost an extra arm or leg!  Shipping within North America is $40.  Once you email cderricostore@gmail.com, we’ll take care of your order and guide you through the payment process.

Picture 4


And that is Tanpopo #3!  We will officially pre-release some books at SDCC and I am soooooooo excited about it.  I wanted to share this extra special book with you all BEFORE San Diego Comic Con, but without giving too much away so …. I am giving away a free download “teaser” here.  What it is, is this new system where you share the download with your friends and networks. It’s pretty cool and called “pay with a tweet”.


What other little surprises can I tell you about?!  I’ll be having a giveaway – a chance to win some paint supplies from Holbein.  These are the paints I use every day, the DUO water-soluble oils that I literally swear by! ** image does not represent the prize.


So let’s talk PREVIEW NIGHT.  Preview night is all about limited edition prints – silkscreened prints and giclee prints. Some are one of a kind, and I’ll leave the surprise at that!  Also on preview night, and as promised, I’ll have more Stitch vinyls.


Every day of the con I’ll have a t-shirt sale too – 20 for $20.  Each day one tshirt design will go on sale. There will be 20 available, each one for $20. First come, first serve!  And this is a COMIC con, of course so … on top of the Tanpopo trilogy, I’ll have copies of the Fractured Fables books (yup the big anthology), as well as BURN graphic novels, and Sky Pirates of Neo Terra signed sets.


There’s actually more to tell you about, but I’ve written a monster so I’ll stop here, and if I can, I’ll write again before the convention (either me or Nancy will give a final update about what else is up our sleeves and in our Santa bags!!).

<3 Camilla