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APE Con San Francisco!

Hi there,

The last convention of the year is finally here! Phew, what a whirlwind it’s been!  I just so happen to really love APE Con, and I’m stoked about getting to present issue 1 of Sky Pirates of Neo Terra published by Image Comics!

I’ll also have Tanpopo, Volume 1 & 2, which weren’t available last year at APE!  And guess what else I’ve got?? BURN Issue 6!! yessss, for everyone who hasn’t been able to get it, now will be your chance!

San Franciso … here I come!! See you all there 🙂



San Diego and New Stuff on the Online Store!

I am officially back from San Diego! What a great convention! Having my own table was gruesome, but it was so nice to have a home base where I could seek refuge from the crowd. Bad thing – I didn’t get to walk the floor as much as I would have liked.

Had some great meetings, and lots to look forward to. I’ll also have some new press coverage on various sites coming up really soon too!

Here are a few pics from San Diego, the few that my sister, AdaPia, was able to take before also being engulfed. Thanks so much to her, Suzy and Scott for all the help out there!

And I also managed to stock up on some stuff for the online store!!

First of all – BURN 6 is now available again! Buy your issue here.  And for those who haven’t bought the set, I’ve got only 15 full sets available. We are almost out of issues, so if you want to collect the set, buy it here for $25.00. BURN 6 is hard to find, the set is even more rare!

Full BURN mini series
Full BURN mini series

Now I also have the How to Talk to Girls at Parties print on my own online store. So for anyone who didn’t buy it from Neverwear, you can buy it from me!

And lastly my cutie pie, KURO is now online!  Come and get him!!! Right here.