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Team d’Errico at Calgary Holiday Market November 30th

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! So I’ve got one of Team d’Errico’s elves headed down to Calgary for the Calgary Expo Holiday Market the last Saturday of this month – Saturday, November 30th! Find all my great goodies at Booth #437.

Make sure to stop by to collect all the staples of the booth: prints, buttons, mini prints, pins, and stickers. Limited copies of her books: Pop Manga, Pop Painting, Pop Manga Drawing, Pop Coloring, Pop Colouring Mermaids, The Zodiac, Femina and Fauna, Helmet Girls and her self published art book The BeeHive.

There will be lots of clothes in an assortments of sizes and styles. This is your last chance to get clothes at a con before the end of the year, Calgary. So get yours this Saturday!

And for the first time, get a kimono at the Holiday market! A VERY limited quantity of kimonos will be available for $95.

Limited edition Christmas postcards will be available for all 5 for $20 as a set. And get one of the greeting cards for $5/ea (while supplies last).

Get your hands on a OOAK handmade necklace. A handful will be available at the show. So get yours!

Find all this at Booth #437.

New Video Series: Camilla d’Errico Draws

Brand new behind the scenes initiative!  Recently I’ve started posting a weekly (Wednesday) work in progress – sneak peek photo of a project I’m working on and I’m going to expand on that by posting regular (probably bi-weekly) videos!

I’m doing this in two variants:  the videos will be broken up into the longer video, that has some cuts, but is “real time”, and the shorter video that will be set to music, and have more editing, speeding up, etc.

Long Form Videos will be on my Vimeo Channel and Short Form Videos will be on my Youtube Channel.

The first video I posted is the work on the Spider Jerusalem art for the Transmetropolitan Art Book. Enjoy!

d’Errico Studios in the news!

Hey everyone, I think this is just so cool:  d’Errico Studios gives its take on designer toys for Toy Directory!  AdaPia and I were interviewed before for BrandYou, a social media marketing consultancy, talking about how much fun we have with Facebook, and Twitter, etc.  And now TD Monthly, the toy directory and magazine, interviewed her for their article about Designer Toys. Hopefully through a big network like TD the designer toys can start to get out in a bigger way!


You all know by know we founded d’Errico Studios, where we design, make and sell some of our own merchandise (other times, like for the handbags or the card cases, we work with other manufacturers under license agreements).  It has been a whirlwind, but also very exciting.  Makes me so proud! ^_^


The Hot Topic T-Shirts news is also still making its way around!  They are really so great.  I wanted to send a shout out to a few bloggers and friends who are helping to spread the news about the shirst, like Paul at Buy-Tees.net, and Jean at Girly Bubble. I’m probably missing tons more, so thank you to everyone who’s been promoting these ^_^.


APE Con San Francisco!

Hi there,

The last convention of the year is finally here! Phew, what a whirlwind it’s been!  I just so happen to really love APE Con, and I’m stoked about getting to present issue 1 of Sky Pirates of Neo Terra published by Image Comics!

I’ll also have Tanpopo, Volume 1 & 2, which weren’t available last year at APE!  And guess what else I’ve got?? BURN Issue 6!! yessss, for everyone who hasn’t been able to get it, now will be your chance!

San Franciso … here I come!! See you all there 🙂