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New Helmetgirls Collection at Hot Topic

They are here!  And although it may be too late for Christmas shopping (but not really for the last minute shoppers), these can for sure be your first buys on Boxing Day!

I’ll send out another update next week, but make sure you check these out because they are seriously AWESOME!!!  And you can get them all on Hot Topic ONLINE. These are online only and maybe hitting HT stores in Canada in the New Year.


Glass Butterflies Hot Topic Tee

Janus Hot Topic Tee

Lollipop Pia Hot Topic Tee


Strawberry Crows Hot Topic Tee

Helmetgirls are taking over everyone! This is so exciting for me because there will be tons more Helmetgirls news throughout 2011!  You’ve told me how much you love them, and I’m going all out!  Thanks for the inspiration!

And happy Helmetgirls shopping!

<3 Camilla

Helmetgirls Help

Hello and Happy Sunday ^_^

I’m reaching out to everyone to ask for your opinion about Helmetgirls. I know that my Helmetgirls are loved by so many people and this makes me happier than I can even begin to explain.  So now that I’ll be working even more on Helmetgirls, I’d like YOUR HELP in defining what Helmetgirls mean to you!  What do you see when you look at one? What is it about them that you like so much? Do you like the black and white “original” style? Why?  Please answer this post, write me an email, or post to Facebook or to Twitter. Whichever way you prefer to get in touch with me, use it. I look forward to hearing from you.  And know that all your input will only help me to do even more Helmetgirls art and work!!

<3 Camilla


More Paintings in Rome

The Urban Superstar Festival organized by the coolest Italians ever – David Vecchiato, Serena and Giorgia – is opening it’s second event this Saturday.  They’ve broken USS into sections and Saturday is called 2D – Icons & Characters.  Two of my paintings are in the show.  Wish I could be there … I miss Italy!  Oh, and Buff Monster will be there in person for a Pink Party! Have fun guys!!



My Paintings:


Sun Dutchess
Sun Dutchess, oils on wood panel, 20x30


Boa Scarf, acrylics and oils on canvas
Boa Scarf, acrylics and oils on canvas, 20x30