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The Most Beautiful Pillows EVER

Hi again!  I told you – this month is going to be insane – and it’s only the 15th!!  Today I’m going to make you drool with the new merchandise you will LOVE  >_^.  Check out the amazing PILLOWS and CANVASES available at Click-for-Art.

Pillow_Canvas Photo

Click-for-Art is a UK based company but don’t fret, they ship all over the world. Every single item is limited edition of 250 to make the items even more exclusive. The best part about them is the quality.  So check out the Click-for-Art site. You may get lost for hours amongst all the beautiful canvases, pillows, mini-bags, cups and saucers … have fun!

click for art pillowsThe pillows you see there are Innocent Eve (with matching square, cropped canvas), No Ordinary Love (with matching portrait canvas) and Yuuta (with matching landscape canvas).

I can’t wait to get mine!!  See them all here.