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Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo 2020

Hello Chicago! I am here and ready to kick butt at C2E2 at McCormick Place this weekend February 28th – March 1st. Team d’Errico is here at Booth #1490 for all your merchandise needs.

And you can find me signing at my Artist Alley Table Q1 with lots of great goodies of my own!

I have brand new clothing designs. Plenty of one-of-a-kind totes. A new and super adorable make up bag limited edition and exclusive to the show: Pinkie Pie. And oodles of other goodies!



C2E2 is the big, bold, comic and pop culture convention happening in Chicago, March 18-20th.

d’Errico Studios will be there with a corner booth in the dealer’s room! We are right near the entrance to the hallway, booth 504, near Dark Horse and Marvel.

I won’t be out in person unfortunately, but we’re sure that Scott – our trusty booth babe – will make your experience a fun one!

Scott’s loaded down with art, books, comics, posters, plush, clothing, etc. This will be the first time “Camilla d’Errico” hits Chicago, so I hope the city and the fans there will stop by the booth and pick up some merchandise, prints and sketches. We’ve also got lots of the Femina & Fauna art books and the special Codice d’Errico art books too.

So please go see Scott, say hi, ruffle his hair, buy some stuff! And next year I’ll be there too ^_^

And if anyone in Chicago wants to help out at the booth, we can provide an exhibitor pass – help is always needed and welcome! Let us know by sending us an email.

C2E2 Show Floor Map:

C2E2 Booth Camilla d'Errico

Show Info:  C2E2 is taking place at the McCormick Center, West Building.

Show Hours:

Friday March 18
10am – 1pm* (Professional Hours)
1pm – 7pm* (Open to the public)

Saturday March 19
10am – 7pm*

Sunday March 20
10am – 5pm*

East Coast, West Coast Conventions!

It makes me so happy to start going out to conventions again! I will be leaving late tomorrow afternoon, heading out to Seattle for Emerald City Comic Con!  I have a feeling this year is going to be record-breaking. Did you see the guests?!?! I’ll have to use all my willpower to stay behind the booth and not line up with everyone else.  I’m in Artist Alley, table C01-C02.  Come and see me!!! (at the Washington State Convention Center).

I made a little contribution to ECCC in the form of a new version of the Pseudo’s Daughter collab piece, with Jared Nickerson of J3 Concepts.   This will be part of the Monsters and Dames collector’s book that ECCC publishes each year. All proceeds from the sale go to charity.




Then, all the way over on the other side of the country, in Orlando, Nancy, who a lot of you will now know is the spirit and gladiator behind the online store, will be taking our show on the road too! So we’re tag-teaming the conventions, oh yeah!  She’s gonna have a large booth at Mega Con, the hugely popular convention of comics, anime, gaming … it’s gonna be a blast so I hope that everyone in Florida who knows me, will go out and see Nancy!  I’m excited about this, and I hope that next year I can make it too!

Here is all the info:

March 12th-14th, 2010
Orange County Convention Center Hall D
9899 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819

Showroom Hours:
Friday – 1pm to 7pm
Saturday – 10am to 6pm
Sunday – 10am to 5pm

And here are some photos of our booth, so that you all know who and what to look for!

Both Nancy and I have a bunch of cool new stuff including the glass Kuro CHARMS, the complete SETS of BURN and SKY PIRATES singles, new PRINTS, lots of HANDBAGS and the CLOTHING from the winter launch!

March 6 & 7 Weekend Events

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a convention – a REALLY long time! And after the winter non-con hibernation I’m looking forward to getting back into it!  And this weekend is going to be a fun way to ring in the convention season: on Sunday, March 7th I’ll be at the 1st Annual Hollywood North convention, in Burnaby, as a special guest! I’ll be giving a Q&A panel on how to break into the industry too.

And for those looking for a unique comic-art-party-event experience, you should come out to the Ayden Gallery on Saturday night for the official launch of the Cloudscape Exploded View Anthology.  Cloudscape Comics is a collective of some of Vancouver’s most unique (non-superhero) comics creators, artists, writers, etc. The group includes established artists, underground cartoonists, web comic creators, animators, illustrators, and manga artists all working together. Their focus is on telling meaningful, intelligent stories through the medium of comics. Jeff Ellis and the others at Cloudscape Comics have been working so hard not only to put the anthology together, but also to promote it.  They even got some good press in a local Vancouver Courier.


Ayden Gallery: 88 West Pender Street (2nd floor) International Village (Tinseltown) Vancouver, BC
Phone: 778 891 431 email: info@aydengallery.com website: www.aydengallery.com/

You’ll recognize the image because this is my contribution: The Cover.  Plus there are pages from BURN, as well as a pin-up!  Exploded View is a science fiction anthology featuring twenty-five artists, all current or former residents of Vancouver, Canada. This book showcases the broad range of talent in the comics artist community.  Contributors: Toren Atkinson, Jordyn Bochon, Aaron Bouthiller, Chloe Chan, John Christmas, Jonathon Dalton, Camilla d’Errico, Jeff Ellis, Lou Ford, Kevin Forbes, Megan Furesz, Jason Harris, Steve Lecouilliard, Christopher Leinonen, Wei Li, Colleen MacIssac, Angela Melick, Scott Ritchie, Scott Ritchings, Paul Soeiro, Curt Steckhan, Cat Tang, Colin Upton, Edison Yan, and Eric Zawadzki.