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Stan Lee’s Octothrone Comikaze Print Goes Live!

The response to Camilla’s pinup for Comikaze has been overwhelming! Stan Lee’s Octothrone, featuring Stan the Man perched atop his Marvel Mountain of toys, will be featured at Comikaze convention in 3 printed versions;

Black & White

,Colour Chart, and Coloured.

The original inked drawing for Stan Lee's Octothrone
Stan Lee’s Octothrone Black & White version


This handy colour chart shows the different characters and corresponding colours
Stan Lee’s Octothrone Colour Chart version


Stan Lee's Octothrone in full coloured glory - it must have taken forever!
Stan Lee’s Octothrone fully coloured


 How to Order?


Camilla will hold some of her Stan Lee Octothrone prints for international fans. These can be found on the eStore now( http://store.camilladerrico.com/prints.html )

 Ordered prints will ship when the eStore shipping team receives them from Comikaze (approx Sept 24). Earlier pre-orders receive prints before they run out.


If you have any questions, or are interested in commissioning your own drawing or sketch for your collection, give us a shout at info@camilladerrico.com

Camilla’s Stan Lee pinup for Comikaze


Camilla’s getting geared up for Comikaze next weekend, September 15-16, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. She’ll be in the Artist Alley at tables 1341-1440 all weekend to sign books, prints, and visit fans.


Camilla will be bringing many new Mini Prints with her, not available on the eStore, that we started teasing last week. Here’s another peek at some new prints;


Jovi's Antoinette is one of Camilla's most popular paintings, and is finally a Mini Print.
Jovi’s Antoinette, a long-awaited piece for many, is now a Mini Print!


Pom Pom Kitty Pie features a cast of cuddly Sanrio characters
Pom Pom Kitty Pie is now an 11×14″ Mini Print!

Find Camilla at Artist Alley tables 1341-1440 for these, and more, new Mini Prints.


Find Camilla at the Los Angeles Convention Center Dealer's Room Booths 1341-1440


Camilla has completed her new pinup for Stan Lee – Stan The Man himself sits in his very own OctoThrone atop a mountain of Marvel toy goodness. Scope out this beauty that will be available in print at ComiKaze 2012


Stan Lee's OctoThrone digital painting
Stan Lee’s OctoThrone


Questions or Comments about Comikaze? Hit us up at info@camilladerrico.com !

Camilla d’Errico at Stan Lee’s ComiKaze2012

Camilla d’Errico is headed back to Los Angeles! Saturday September 15 – Sunday 16th is Stan Lee’s Comikaze convention at the Los Angeles Convention Center.


Camilla is working on a special Stan Lee pinup- just look at the mountain of toys! He’s definitely looking dapper on his Camilla-esque OctoThrone. Click to Enlarge!


Mr. Stan Lee is looking very distinguished atop his mountain of Marvel toys.


Camilla will be in the Artist Alley at tables #1341-1440.


Find Camilla in the Artist Alley #1341-1440


New Prints at Comikaze!

Camilla has made some special new Mini Prints for conventions. She’ll have a full new lineup at Comikaze. Here’s a peek;


This is the cover for Richard Starking's Elephantmen GN 2011
Elephantmen 2011


This piece was published in Monsters & Dames artbook
Gargoyle Giggles


Camilla has room for 1 or 2 more Convention Sketches on her sketch commissions list- if you’re curious, hit us up at info@camilladerrico.com

Camilla d’Errico in Dragatomi’s ‘Tales’ Exhibition


Dragatomi will be hosting a Fairy Tale themed group show


Dragatomi is Sacramento’s premier boutique and art gallery for some of the coolest designer figures and art inspired by pop and urban culture. They carry many rare and limited edition pieces from some of the top artists and companies.


Opening Saturday August 11 is Dragatomi’s ‘Tales’ Exhibition – A Fairytale themed group show featuring contemporary artists. Among the artists featured in the show are Camilla, Jason Limon, Frank Kozik, Jeremiah Ketner, Julie West, Jackie Gallagher and more!


Camilla will be in Dragatomi's Fables themed art exhibition!


For Dragatomi’s show, Camilla is contributing 2 original pages of inked lineart from her Eisner Award nominated Little Red Riding Hood comic, published in anthology.


Getting to see these uncolored, hand-drawn pages is an insight into Camilla’s comic-making process. Here’s a peek;


This is part of one of Camilla's Red Riding Hood pages


Be sure to check out Dragatomi.com , their show opens Aug 11 and runs until September 1st. If you have any questions about Tales, Camilla’s artwork in the exhibition, or any other of Dragatomi’s available artwork, drop them a line at sales@dragatomi.com

Thanks For A Fun SDCC2012!


San Diego Comic Con was a smashing success! Thank you to everyone who came by the booth to see Camilla, got books signed, and scope out all the new releases.

Camilla had a giant booth full of new prints, clothing and merchandise.
Camilla's 10x10 Booth bursted at the seams with amazing prints, clothing and merchandise.


Camilla joined panel on “Censorship And The Artist”, which could have easily lasted twice as long with all the thoughtful insight and questions raised.

Camilla had lots of fun new things at her booth, many sold out at the show!
Kuro and Specter were dressed to impress for SDCC


A handful of advanced No Ordinary Love Busts were available- but not for long!
The No Ordinary Love Busts at Comic Con didn't hang around long.


Camilla's newest digital painting Kuro Of Thrones
Camilla's Game Of Thrones homage 'Kuro Of Thrones' debuted at SDCC


33 Dragon Tears was printed on Mens and Womens tshirts
Tshirts for 33 Dragon Tears and Unihorns were made for SDCC


San Diego Comic Con is an amazing time for Camilla to connect with fans and collectors. Here are a couple of the new art pieces commissioned for convention pickup.


A special commission from Dominion Tank Police
A special commissioned artwork for pickup at SDCC


A commission taken at the show, on a Shikishi Board
Camilla took a commission at SDCC too!


The next shows coming up are Cos & Effect Vancouver (Aug 24-26) and Fan Expo Toronto (Aug 23-26). If you’re interested in picking up some original Camilla artwork from these shows, drop us a line at info@camilladerrico.com

Catwoman and Phoenix – TFAW CBLDF San Diego Comic-Con Sketches

It’s so exciting to reveal not one, but two special sketches for TFAW’s CBLDF Auction at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con! Just as Catwoman is a dominating character in the world of Batman, Phoenix is one of the most powerful X-Men characters ever created. Both female superheroines also often play the villan, making them two of the most dynamic creations in comics history. And while each is iconic and recognizable in their own right, Camilla’s take on them is wholly original.

For more information about the auction, please visit TFAW’s website. And make sure to mark booth 4723 in your SDCC program guide so that you can pick up on of the exclusive collectors cards featuring one of the sketches below. Only 500 total will be available!



Click either image to see a larger size, and feel free to share the images with friends are around the web, but please credit and/or link back to this site or page. For more information about SDCC plans, click here, and be sure follow Camilla on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news and content.




C2E2 is the big, bold, comic and pop culture convention happening in Chicago, March 18-20th.

d’Errico Studios will be there with a corner booth in the dealer’s room! We are right near the entrance to the hallway, booth 504, near Dark Horse and Marvel.

I won’t be out in person unfortunately, but we’re sure that Scott – our trusty booth babe – will make your experience a fun one!

Scott’s loaded down with art, books, comics, posters, plush, clothing, etc. This will be the first time “Camilla d’Errico” hits Chicago, so I hope the city and the fans there will stop by the booth and pick up some merchandise, prints and sketches. We’ve also got lots of the Femina & Fauna art books and the special Codice d’Errico art books too.

So please go see Scott, say hi, ruffle his hair, buy some stuff! And next year I’ll be there too ^_^

And if anyone in Chicago wants to help out at the booth, we can provide an exhibitor pass – help is always needed and welcome! Let us know by sending us an email.

C2E2 Show Floor Map:

C2E2 Booth Camilla d'Errico

Show Info:  C2E2 is taking place at the McCormick Center, West Building.

Show Hours:

Friday March 18
10am – 1pm* (Professional Hours)
1pm – 7pm* (Open to the public)

Saturday March 19
10am – 7pm*

Sunday March 20
10am – 5pm*

Sky Pirates & Spectrum!

Woohoo! It’s time, it’s time! Sky Pirates Trade Paperback hits comic book stores tomorrow!  Check out the preview!  This isn’t just a collection of the 5 issues of the comic — it also includes issue #0!



And if you’ve been wondering about Spectrum 17 — it’s also out now! I just got mine in the mail and it is really FULL of gorgeous and diverse art!  Wow!  You can get it on Amazon and bookstores.

Dragon Con

I’ve barely had time to unpack from Fan Expo in Toronto and I’m already packing for Dragon Con in Atlanta!  I’ll post pics from Fan Expo really soon, probably just do a combined convention post-mortem next week.


So for anyone and everyone going to Dragon Con, this is where you’ll find me:

Table  BT12

Comics and Pop Artists Alley  in Grand Hall East of the Atlanta Hyatt Regency Hotel


(omg that’s right next to Hope Gallery Tattoo! Baroness, we are gonna have fuuuuun!)


And the hours are:

Friday 1PM-6PM
Saturday 10AM-6PM
Sunday 10AM-6PM
Monday 10AM-3PM


One thing about Fan Expo got me even more excited about Dragon Con – the Helmetgirls Cosplay Competition!  My original Helmetgirls from Toronto were there to show me their new cool helmets.  There will be more of you at Dragon Con, so come by my table to show me your Helmetgirls outfits!  Here’s one sweet gal who came to SDCC:

Helmetgirl SDCC


And of course I can’t let my debut at Dragon Con happen without bringing new merchandise! So get ready because I’ll be locked and loaded down with new stuff, like button packs, stickers, tattoos, clothing, and new prints!  And of course, I’ll have copies of Tanpopo #3 and a few of the GIANT BUDDHA Kuros for anyone who wants a whole lotta lovin’ to take home with them 😉

Books, Magazines and Printed Matter

A whole post dedicated to the fine art of publishing and a whole smack of items to tell you about!

Let’s start with the announcement from SPECTRUM FANTASTIC ART, who published their list of artists selected for Spectrum 17.  And I’m in it! The Spectrum Compendium is one of the most respected and collected so I’m honored and excited about it. I’m also curious, because I applied to different categories.  Love surprises … !!


The next publication that I’ve been selected for, is from Spain’s Monsa Publishing and their book called SWEET ILLUSTRATION.  The artists were selected by Eva Minguet, who had put together the ‘Ultimate Illustration’ book last year.  The book is 192 pages, with art from some women who I admire and am proud to show with: Julie West, Mijne Shatje, Adolie Day, Kukula, and more.

Now, we jump over to Asia … man does this feel like a world tour … to tell you about Taiwan’s Dpi Magazine ‘The Variation of Comic Art and Animation’  special edition. I remember seeing Dpi at the Taipei Toy Festival in 2008 and thinking how I wanted to be part of their magazine. They are so well respected and followed in Asia. And here I am .. wow!

camilla post card set

Back to North America and onto products! Woo!  This is the post card set with Last Gasp Books, the great San Francisco company (btw happy 40th Anniversary!).  The sample sets have arrived and will soon be available for purchase.   For more information about the set, click HERE (lots of pretty pictures on that link!).   There are 30 post cards in a nifty fold-out tray. The packaging is beautiful and I’m proud to say the design was created in collaboration with  Timberkame‘.

Picture 3 burn_cover6

Lastly, with a hop back to Europe, this time to France, where I’ve got a whole bunch of new and beautiful fans (Je vous aime!!!!) to tell you about some posters available through BD Posters.  This is a French comics publisher who specializes in posters by comic artists. They have a selection of 8 posters, ranging from BURN, Nightmares & Fairytales, to Tanpopo and even The Fallen.

Whew! That was quite the tour, thanks for coming with me 🙂  and you can bet that as soon as the postcards are available, I’ll be back with an update.

Camilla ^_^