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Japan LA Geeky Glamorous And Custom Kuros

Camilla’s newest Helmetgirl is rocking the Geek Chic for Japan LA Gallery’s upcoming show Geeky Glamorous! This piece is titled “The Seeing Eye Helmet” and is a framed 8.5×11″ Inked Lineart on paper.

The exhibition opens February 2, where Camilla’s artwork will be available at Japan LA on Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles. Check out the show and the artwork! Not in the area? Contact info@japanla.com for details


There’s one more day to pre-order your copy of Laminate Most Wanted featuring Camilla- and including a special edition giclee print of Sweet Forgotten Things. Laminate Most Wanted will close pre-orders January 27, setting the edition number for the print. Order yours here before it’s gone baby gone!


Sweet Forgotten Things is your gift with Laminate Most Wanted


Holy custom Kuros, Batman!
We’ve spotted 2 incredible new custom vinyl Kuros by two incredible artists. Below in Blue is “Kagekuro-ling” by
Shadoe Delgado. Shadoe’s creatures, or Shadow-lings, feel perfectly at home on the Kuro platform with its mask and the sculptural feel of the form. Shadoe has one Kuro left to make into a Shadow-y little friend if you drop him a line at shadoedelgado.com


Look at this creepy little fellow! Cute, right? Creepy cute? That’s it, and that’s something artist Jason Jacenko of 696 Ink loves to imbue his custom painted toys with. How did he know Kuro was a Hello Kitty fan?


If you have a custom Kuro, drawing, Camilla tatoo or something to share, or questions and comments, drop us a line at info@camilladerrico.com !

Happy Holidays 2012!



Happy Holidays from Camilla d’Errico and her helper Tasha!
Camilla has been busy working on new artwork for an upcoming vinyl art toy show in New York – Fonzo Love New York at My Plastic Heart Gallery. Camilla painted a DIY Fonzo french bulldog toy.



As well as some new pinups for Skypirates, like this one of Flora.



Holiday Sale!


Camilla’s eStore will also be spreading some Holiday Cheer starting Dec26 for Boxing Day for 48Hrs! All e-Store items will be on sale from 25%-50% off.
The Newsletter will be announcing a new print image launching during the sale, so if you haven’t already subscribed to the Newsletter, jump right on!

Clothing For the Party

Hello, hello!  Last night I was busy painting murals and giant 48×72″ canvases for the install of the Winter Release Party show at Ayden Gallery.  Here’s a work in progress – literally of me working – on one of the canvases.  The other one will be kept a suprise until Friday night ^_^ since it is a brand new image, never before seen from the depths of my mind!


Riding WIP


This is Rocket Ride!  And she is also the subject of one of the t-shirt designs that are especially for the party!  Here are some lame-o mock-ups, which will have to do for now because we’ve all been running around like mad getting ready for the party.  So excuse the Photoshop, but you get the picture!


And since one design is never enough, I wanted to get a little inverse action happening on a recent Internet favorite – Croc-o-Hug, so this is what we’ll have for guys and girls!


Crocohug tee inverse.

The bestest part of the night will be the CUSTOM T-SHIRT action! I’ll customize, right at the party, 20 t-shirts.  So if you want one you have be quick to get there. Doors open at 7:00 pm.  Custom tees are $50 and the printed tees are $40.  Tomorrow morning I’ll post the last update!  Tonight is final set-up and finishing touches. Remember: Adyen Gallery. Tomorrow. Fun!



What’s With The Gibson Guitar?

Hey everyone,  there’s been so many art shows going on and fun and exciting new work to share with you!  You may have heard or seen postings and photos about a custom Gibson guitar … well it’s all true and its for a REALLY cool show happening in Miami!  It’s the Art Assault Custom Gibson Guitar Show. I can’t show you the whole, finished guitar, but here are some sneak peeks at my hand painted Helmetgirl-Gibson-Guitar!  And in case anyone is wondering, it’s a Kramer 211FR.




camilla close up

Here is some show info, including the other artists — what an unreal line-up! Michael Lau, Nakanari, Pete Fowler, Christian Jacobs (Yo Gabba Gabba), 123Klan, Matt Waldman (Nooka), Camilla d’Errico, Ashley Wood, Long Vo, Lebo, and Oscar-winning actor/artist Jeff Bridges.


There’s also a TOY SHOW component sponsored by Kidrobot with a 20″ Custom Dunny Exhibit

If you want to know more you can read the PRESS RELEASE and check out Outta My Mind Creations.

Proud to say that all the proceeds from the auction go to the Gibson Foundation that focuses on projects that help children with education, music and arts, and overall well-being.


Art Assault Card Front

Art Assault Card Back




Get ready for the Munky King, Noferin Jibibut Custom Show! The show opens Thursday, April 8th (yikes that’s tomorrow!!). The line up of artists who participated is wicked! (yes I’m reviving this term now) 😉 and what they’ve come up with is mind boggling and brings big smiles to your face.

The preview for the show is now up, but apparently it isn’t complete, so those lucky people who live in LA or who can get there easily will have to see them all in person at the Munky King Melrose location.

And even though I’ve sent these out before, here are some sneaks of my piece. It is called ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Helmet’.  Or … Cuckoo’s Helmet for short.  The preview page for my piece with all the info about buying, etc. is HERE.

Devil Dog Tanpopo Style

Hello again!

I’ve got a cute surprise for everyone: its my Osaka Popstar Devil Dog! The crew at Osaka Popstar have put together one hell of a show! Yes, I can use the word “hell” because it’s almost Halloween 😉 and that is exactly when the show opens, Friday October 31st in NYC.

Curated by John Cafiero, who pulled together over 100 artists from around the world and from all sorts of backgrounds – fine art, illustration, toy design, music … Take a look at the poster to see for yourselves.

The vinyl toy platform is the custom Osaka Popstar Devil Dog, who can be as cute as he can be mean, depending on who’s painting him! I tried something a little different this time, and painted him to represent Kuro, the “devil” character from my art book, Tanpopo.  So without further ado, here is Kuro, Devil Dog Style:

For a sneak peak at some of the other Devil Dogs, click for a gallery preview. And maybe the best part about the show is that proceeds are being donated to animal rescue and other animal charities.

Happy Halloween everyone!