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PacBlue Printing

Hi! I have another announcement to make today! The press release has gone out to announce my partnership with PacBlue Printing.  PacBlue is a Vancouver company that does SO MUCH MORE than print display material!  I got the full tour of their facilities and I’ve been buzzing with ideas for weeks!

I’ve been working with PacBlue for a while now, starting with getting all my paintings scanned and archived. You know it’s extremely important to get high resolution scans (or photos) of your art right? They have one of the best quality scanners possible (Cruse Scanner), so now all my new paintings get the high res treatment! PacBlue is also where I get my limited edition fine art prints made. That’s right  – Canadian Tiger and Zebramilk are printed on that gorgeous paper with archival inks and certificates of authenticity.

We’re going to be bringing out some new convention displays – banners, etc. plus lots of promo material. I’m excited to show off these new banners for conventions!  And even though many aren’t in Vancouver and you’d like to talk to PacBlue about getting some stuff made — they ship all over the world — so I can recommend them to absolutely everyone.

But even more exciting is that we’ve got some other products in the woodworks!  I’ll be launching a new online store very soon, and we’ll have some new limited edition art items for you, courtesy of the creative minds of d’Errico Studios and PacBlue Printing working together.

So there we have it! Another awesome company I’m partnering with, and that I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone.  They also have a really cool blog, and post interesting information and web finds on their Facebook and Twitter.  I’m really looking forward to all the great stuff we’ve got planned!