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Anime Expo L.A. this weekend

Hey Everyone,

YAY! We fly out Wednesday for a FAN-tabulous weekend in Los Angeles for Anime Expo LA.


For more information, check out  http://www.anime-expo.org/

It’s going to be crazy busy with 50,000+ fans going.  We want to make sure YOU get the items you really want.  The suitcases are almost full and there’s only so much we can bring.  Take a look at our store http://camilla.bigcartel.com/ and let us know what we can save just for you… like our new Last Gasp Postcards!


Email us at cderricostore@gmail.com with your wish list and we will save it for you until you can get to our booth # 753 whether it’s Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  Please let us know by noon on Wednesday PST, at the latest.


We love it when friends help us so if you want to go to Anime Expo LA and wouldn’t mind helping us for a bit – we would love to GIVE you an Exhibitor Badge that will get you in the door for free.  Please write us at cderricostore@gmail.com and we’ll let you know if we can give you a pass to get inside.

This is our first time out to Anime Expo and we can’t wait to see all of you.  To help you find us, here is a map to our CORNER BOOTH # 753


Alright, that’s it for now… we can’t wait to see  you this weekend!! Four full days of ANIME – who needs sleep?

See  you there – CORNER BOOTH # 753 !


Crazy Cool Disassembled Tears Doll!

I absolutely MUST share this with everyone!  This is a Zombuki. And the creator of Zombuki dolls, Brigitte, got inspired one night in a dream to create a Pullip doll inspired by Disassembled Tears!  How cool is that?!  And this is the result!  Personally, I’m floored by this, jaw-dropping, jumping up and down, excited at how she turned out.  Awesome skills!



Here’s a gallery of work in progress images from the work Brigitte did while putting her together:

Thanks Brigitte! I can’t wait to see what your beautiful creative mind comes up with next!



New Zerofriends Shirt Available

Wicked news! The tshirt I designed for Zerofriends is now available! Check out Zerofriends, and of course the genius (and totally amazing guy) behind most of the Zerofriends artwork … drumroll pls … Alex Pardee! His blog is also a fun read, and he’s a master at Twitter (jealous!).  They’re going to be rocking Wondercon in San Francisco this weekend, so go see them and pick up your own shirt.

You recognize the image, of course – it’s Disassembled Tears!  And if you want ‘The Set’, remember that this print is available on my online store (and still on sale until the end of today, March 31st).


“In a place unimagined by humans, in a world populated by androids, life and drama play out their cruel fate on a girl’s heart. This android lives her normal, happy life in a junk pile until the day she is dumped. The crow that sits on her head is her doom and he’s come to caw triumphantly during her final moments, as she begins to fall apart.”

March Print of the Month Now Available!

Disassembled Tears
Disassembled Tears

Disassembled Tears will be available for the entire month of March for the special price of $25.  Get yours on the online store. The print is 12×18 inches, printed on high quality, heavy satin card stock.

You might remember the image because it was the cover for the Myspace Dark Horse Presents collected volume 3 trade, which was released last summer.