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New Cover for Elephantmen #47



Camilla has contributed a new cover piece for Richard Starkings’ Elephantmen Issue#47 from Hipflask! In this issue, Sahara, pictured on the cover, must give up her baby before it is even born. We can see Camilla’s emotional overtures of tenderness and grace in her figures for the cover. Order yours through your local comic shop or on Amazon.


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Elephantmen Issue 29

It’s my cover!! ^_^

Pick up your copy at comic book stores, starting tomorrow!


Elephantmen #29

Thanks to their associations with the Elephantmen, it seems that neither Vanity nor Miki are as safe as they thought they were.

Read a five-page preview at Comic Book Resources >>

On Sale: December 29, 2010
Story: Richard Starkings
Artwork: Axel Medellin & Marian Churchland
Cover: Camilla D’Errico
Flip cover: Lisa Wood
32pp full color for $3.50
Diamond: JUN10 0459
More info >>



Print of the month

Hey y’all, we skipped a couple of months of  our popular PRINT OF THE MONTH specials because of our work on the online store and fulfillment changes (hence why our shipping prices are now awesomely lower!).


We’ve received your emails, requests, messages and questions and here we are, back at you with Print of the Month ! Thanks for your patience and for showing us how much this means to you.


We’re happy to say that we have a not only a special print ON SALE but it is also a NEW PRINT.  Better late than never right?


This is the ELEPHANTMEN COVER PRINT, and for the rest of the month, it’ll be on SALE for $24.99 from the regular $34.99. Now available from the ONLINE STORE!


Elephantmen Cover Print
Elephantmen Cover Print


This is the cover from Elephantmen, Issue #29, part of the long-running and award-winning series published by Richard Starkings and Image Comics.


Comics, Covers & Anthologies

Lots of news in the comics realm to share, so let’s get started!

About a week ago, I posted on FB that I had put Tanpopo online for free! That’s right, I want everyone to see it, even if only digitally. Tanpopo is my series that weaves original literature and poetry into the story of Tanpopo, as she is goes in search of emotions, happiness and ultimately loved. Her companion on this journey is Kuro, who is none other than the devil in disguise. The series is loosely based on Goethe’s Faust, and the text in Volume 1 is from Faust.  Volume 2 is inspired by the Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

tanpopo poster vertical

This week marks the release of the last issue in the Sky Pirates series! You get to find out whether the light crystal’s powers are stronger than the evil magnetism of the Forgotten Isle, and what happens to Billy and his friends.  You can read the preview here. I had a lot of fun drawing this series, and I hope everyone enjoyed it.   Here are a couple of recent interviews: one is by Newsarama and the other is by Comic Related.  Make sure you pick up your issues at your local comic book store!

Next up is a cover I worked on with Vancouver comic collective, Cloudscape Comics.  The cover is for an anthology called Exploded View and it has comics and stories from a lot of talented local Vancouver comic artists and writers. There is an excerpt and Pin Up of the cover for the BURN graphic novel, too!  Keep your eyes on my blog and FB for news on when the anthology will be published.

Exploded view Cover by Camilla d'Errico

And lastly, another cover! Yes, for Elephantmen. This will be on Elephantmen, issue 29, which is due out around APE (so much later this fall).  I love the Elephantmen series and am honored and excited about getting to do a cover!

ElephantmenCoverColVari copy

And of course, to answer the eternal question: will either of these covers come out as prints … the answer is …


More on that later …