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Retailers Around the World: Eyeball Kicks – New Zealand


There are so many great stores across the globe, and we’re going to start featuring some that carry Camilla d’Errico art and products, like JapanLA in┬áCalifornia, or the London Miles Gallery in the UK. If you know of any shops in your area that should be highlighted on this blog, please let us know by leaving a comment below.

Eyeball Kicks in New Zealand is an amazing place! They carry a variety of artists, like Alex Grey, Frank Kozik, James Jean, Kathie Olivas (who has her own excellent shop called Stranger Factory in New Mexico), Ron English, Tara McPherson (who also has a super cool shop in Brooklyn, New York called Cotton Candy), and many more! Check out the beautiful way they’ve hung art in the space, and simply click the image for a larger view:






If you would like to order any of these framed pieces, you can visit the special Camilla d’Errico section of Eyeball Kick’s website. Of course shipping is available anywhere in New Zealand, but interested parties can also contact the store to try and arrange shipping to other countries.

Thanks for learning a little more about a great shop! Again, if you know of a place we should feature, leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to spread word of their awesomeness! Just a reminder, there are only a couple of Hamburger Disco t-shirts still available, and only a handful of large size art prints that will soon be replaced by all-new works.