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New Social Media for The Camilla Store on Etsy

I’ve got awesome news! My super Etsy Coordinator Asami is on social media for The Camilla Store on Etsy! There are so many goodies and fun behind-the-scenes things to share, so she’s going to post those to The Camilla Store on Facebook here, Instagram and twitter @thecamillastore This’ll mean I can share art on my main accounts, and if you want all the details about my goodies and releases, you can follow them on @TheCamillaStore !

Asami helps answer Etsy messages and does the shipping for orders, so you can ask her questions directly on social or by emailing thecamillstore@gmail.com ! Just take a look at some of these treasures that are coming to The Camilla Store on June 30! Asami is going to be sharing more peeks at them as we get closer to release day, so make sure you follow @thecamillastore !

New York Comic Con Announcements

October is upon us, which means it’s time for New York Comic Con, one of the biggest comic and anime conventions in the world! There’s so much to announce this year, so let’s get to it!

First, we hope you’ll come say hello in the Small Press Section (seen in the image above with the red-dotted line around the space on the right of the map) – we’re at Booth 2752 – right on the corner so it’s easy to find.

Next up, you’ve probably already seen the news, but in case you haven’t, it’s so exciting to announce that the Image Comics graphic novel Sky Pirates of Neo Terra is going to become a video game on the iPhone and on Facebook thanks to Day 21 Studios!

And in other video game news, Camilla was chosen as one of only a few select artists to contribute to the Tomb Raider 15th Anniversary Celebration with a piece titled “The Depth” that you can see below!

It’s also a pleasure to see that the Tanpopo Hardcover Edition Kickstarter backed by BOOM! Studios is nearly 70% funded! We recently teased out a chapter break image that will be in the new book, which you can see here.

Don’t forget, we’re still running the Granimator Contest for the iPad until the end of the month, where users get a chance to play with Camilla’s original designs to create their own unique wallpaper image!

And last, but certainly not least, there will be a special update on the Helmetgirls: Origins graphic novel at NYCC – so keep your eyes and ears peeled to the Facebook and Twitter channels, as well as this blog to see the news when it breaks out into the public!

As always, thank you for your support and kind words this year. It’s been a whirlwind of activity and announcements, and seeing all of the news come together in once place like this is super! If you’re attending NYCC, please RSVP with us on Facebook, and we hope to see your wonderful, smiling faces at the show!

‘Sky Pirates of Neo Terra’ To Be Facebook and iPhone Game

You may have seen news of the announcement on The Escapist and CBR, but it’s official – Day 21 Studios, a veteran run, independent video game studio, is announcing the launch of their debut title Sky Pirates of Neo Terra. Designed for gamers ages 10 and up, Sky Pirates offers real-time online multiplayer racing, the first of its kind on Facebook.

An original game by Day 21 Studios with character designs by comic and pop surrealism artist, Camilla d’Errico, Sky Pirates’ unique visual style and thrilling racing offers gaming audiences a different kind of experience with their friends on Facebook than the typical Farm builder.

Sky Pirates takes place in the original setting of Neo Terra, a wondrous world with a rich backstory, forgotten technology and natural magic. The most popular sport in the land is Glidewing racing, which culminates in a Great Race in the valley of Neo Eden. Winning five consecutive Great Races earns the victor the right to name the leader of the Great Tribal Council. This year’s upcoming race has the cruel Pirate King poised for just that honor, one that could throw this peaceful world into turmoil.

Players get to choose their racers and Glidewings from any of the 14 tribes of Neo Terra or customize their own in order to best the Pirate King and five of their friends on over a dozen unique courses in this high-flying aerial racer.

To see more screenshots of the game, along with concept art and more, head over the Sky Pirates Facebook page. And to pre-register for the game’s launch, which automatically enters you in a contest for a chance to win one of five original pages from the graphic novel, please visit the Sky Pirates website.

Fans and Newsletters

We’ve reached 10,000 likes/fans on Facebook!  What a milestone, what a journey!  I can’t believe it. I’m so excited, and I just had to share it and say THANK YOU.   I try to be active “everywhere” – like Twitter and Deviantart and Facebook and this blog and answering emails. It isn’t easy so I appreciate your patience if it takes me a bit to get back to you or if I’m not constantly “on”.  If I were … well … I wouldn’t be able to create art ^_^


One thing we’ve come up with – that would be me, AdaPia and Bot, aka “The Girls” of d’Errico Studios is to create a monthly newsletter that goes to your inbox. It’s different from the blog. This is going to be like a real newsletter, where we tell you about what’s going on with links you can follow to see it all. So if you missed something, you’ll get it in the newsletter, and if you don’t want to miss something, we’ll be previewing things to come.


And that’s a different newsletter than the Product and Promotions newsletter – that one is just for online store and merch and promo related news. That one will also be a monthly newsletter from now on.  Of course we may send out rare, super special newsletters when we have something so terribly exciting to say that we can’t wait until the “official newsletter” comes out.


So there’s really no way you can’t know what’s going on anymore! I’m also “on” Flickr, Deviantart, Youtube, Planet Illogica, and Behance.  As always, spread the news and share my art — I love making new fans and friends!


PS – if you want to get inside or behind the scenes about how we’re doing what we’re doing, AdaPia – my super sister – started a Tumblr where she’ll be sharing snippets of useful info about what goes on inside that Mountainhead of hers, and how we’re powering forward with all our projects.

Taking Tanpopo To The People

Hi everyone,

Over the past 8 months you’ve probably noticed that 9 times of 10 when you hear about Camilla, you’ve heard about Tanpopo too!

Tanpopo is Camilla’s passion project: a 10 issue series about Tanpopo and her companion, Kuro (the devil!). But did you know that the original Tanpopo, which Camilla self-published in 2007 was only 20 pages and was never meant to expand into a series? Well, the power of positive response pushed Camilla to rethink and recreate the ending to Tanpopo, and open a whole new and exciting world.

The response has been overwhelming! You LOVE Tanpopo, and we’ve already almost sold out of Issue 1 since getting the copies in February. You’ve nabbed the Kuro plushies, and all limited edition clothing too J. Since jumping into Tanpopo with both feet, and judging by the love we’re getting, we’ve realized that it is time to get organized and to expand!

So … we’ll be launching a Tanpopo website in 2010, which will have lots of great content, including free webcomic versions of the Tanpopo books. For now, you can find a landing page for the site on www.camilladerrico.com/tanpopo or by typing http://www.tanpopoandkuro.com.

Since all this great, positive karma has been thanks to the fans, we created a Tanpopo Fanpage on Facebook just for you! . Join the fanpage to stay current on all the new merchandise, clothing, books, events, and convention schedule! And remember to sign up to Camilla’s fanpage, http://www.facebook.com/camilladerricoart.

We’re going to have tons of fun stuff to look forward to, including an upcoming contest where your creativity will get you the chance to win big – and we mean BIG KURO!

For now, we’d love it if you could join the fan page, post some of your fan photos, and also join the discussion about what you’d like to see on the new Tanpopo website! We really value your input and your support. http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?topic=10907&uid=137225452130

A great big THANK YOU and we can’t wait to share even more with you soon!

Camilla & The Tanpopo Team