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New Glass Charm – Specter!

You’ve loved our Kuro Glass Charm since we first launched it not even a year ago – and more recently we shared a VIDEO on how Neacol at Bling Squared rocks out while making the glass charms! And we have been ecstatic over the response to the charms.

As you know we’ve got Kuro plushes – Poodle and Specter – they are a couple, so we couldn’t leave Kuro Charm so lonely.  Tada! Now we have  – Specter Glass Charm!  Specter is unbearably cute … and we got a little crazy with his booty and turned it into a ghostly bottom to match his spectral character!

specter trio

Kuro Charm – and Specter Charm – come with certificates of authenticity, signed and numbered to show which they are in the edition of 250.  Price is $30.  So if you want a Specter Charm and own a Kuro Charm already – you can request your Specter Charm edition number to match your Kuro Charm edition number. Write the request in the payment message or email us after you place your order.

A word from our fun loving artisan Neacol: “We were so thrilled with how much fun the Kuro charms were to make, and how well they were received by Camilla’s fans, that we couldn’t wait to get another design together.  The Specter design is reminiscent of Kuro – since he is like his even more evil twin – but his ghostly bottom and large mouth posed new challenges for the glass medium.  Challenges we were up to, of course!  We are very, very happy to present the limited edition Specter Glass Charm.”

Special Couple

Since we’re all romantic and stuff we also wanted to celebrate our 100th Kuro Glass Charm (yay!) by offering Kuro Charm & Specter Charm together as a couple from edition number #100 to #110.  You will receive both charms with the same certificate numeration in their boxes, with the usual accessories (chunky chain and cell phone strap). The price for the couple is $60.00.

Specter Promo with Kuro_sm

Click the link to go to the online store to see more photos and place your order.

We have lots of fun coming up with new, cute and appealing products – and we love your feedback – so if there’s anything you’d like to see – give us a shout!

Hot Stuff! Cool Video! Kuro Charms!

Did y’all see this video I posted on Youtube the other day?!  It’s the Making of Kuro Glass Charms.  With a little funky music to follow along as Neacol Miller of Bling Squared fires up a Kuro Charm!

Kuro Glass Charms are available on the ONLINE STORE and they are only $30, and come with a necklace and a cell charm strap. Each one is completely unique of course, and we’ll only ever make 250, as the signed and numbered certificate of authenticity will attest!

Online Store & Artsprojekt Updates

We’ve finally finished our big move! The Official Camilla d’Errico Online Store is now operating from a new warehouse.  This hasn’t changed anything you can SEE – the store looks the same, but the big difference is that our shipping prices have DROPPED and the fulfillment of orders will be even faster than before (not including postal service problems that we don’t have any control over).  So if you’ve been on the fence about purchasing anything because the shipping prices were high – check back in!

online store update


We’ve also restocked items that had sold out, including the Journal and those super cute and chic Glass Charms!  They each come with a signed certificate (edition of 250) and are totally adorable. Pretty much anyone who’s seen me wearing mine has wanted to buy one!

New Kuro Charms


Another online store, the Artsprojekt store, is also up and running. You can buy fun and truly quality items like shoes,  skatedecks, and even binders (yes that makes me excited!).  I’ve also made available a collection of posters from my Birds & Bees series that so so many people had asked for as prints. Oooh la la!




Artsprojekt was founded by artist Andy Howell and the artist (and Brand) community on there is top notch! Including friends and great artists Jim Mahfood, Caia Coopman, Kathie Olivas, JThree Concepts, Alex Pardee, Angry Woebots, Julie West, and so many more.  Hope you like this new avenue of fun merchandise!