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Submit Your Art for Tanpopo & Munky King!

Hi gals and guys! That Tanpopo Tribute show with Munky King is coming up quick! This show is an open-call to enter the Design Contest for fabulous prizes.
It’s also a spiffy way to show your artwork in a real Los Angeles Art Gallery! That’s more than cool for new artists 😉
Submission previews are rolling in on Facebook and E-mail (info@camilladerrico.com ), check out these nifty pieces:
An imaginative new form for Kuro
Daring new Kuro Form By Anuchit Saseung

By e-Store Superllama Tasha Zimich

A Kuro with a Bubbly disposition
A bubbly new Kuro By Superfan Michael Manikus

Johnathan Pamminger has an amazing Zombie-fied Tanpopo (Not for the faint of heart!)
And of course, Camilla’s working on some fun new Tanpopo art for the show!

Submission and Exhibition at the gallery is Free and open to everyone- Traditional and Digital. Print your Digital Paintings and frame up your artworks to send them on in to;

Munky King Gallery

7308 Melrose Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90046


Design Contest ends July 1!
Questions? Hit us up at info@camilladerrico.com for more details.

Pop Imagist at the Venice Biennale

We want to give a shout out to some of our artist friends, artist favorites and inspirations who are part of the “Emergence of the Pop Imagist” Group Exhibition at the Oscars of the Art world, the Venice Biennale.  The Jonathan Levine Gallery is showing the art world what New Contemporary, Pop Surrealist painters are made of, where they will not only hold their own, but definitely turn heads and change minds … all right in the heart of the contemporary art world!

Here are the artists that are in the show:

Esao Andrews | Van Arno | Gary Baseman | Ray Caesar | The Clayton Brothers | Fulvio Di Piazza | Ron English | Natalia Fabia | Doze Green | Sam Gibbons | Alex Gross | Jim Houser | Mario Martinez (Mars – 1) |
Marco Mazzoni | Tara McPherson | Scott Musgrove | WK Interact | Erik Mark Sandberg | Jeff Soto | Joe Sorren | Nicola Verlato | Dan Witz

And here are a few of the paintings:

Ron English
Ron English
Tara MchPherson
Tara MchPherson

Gary Baseman
Gary Baseman

Van Arno
Van Arno

Congratulations to all the artists and for those who are going to Venice – have fun and ride a gondola!