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Camilla Returns to SDCC – Part 2

floorplan 2015

There is so much awesome coming to Camilla’s SDCC Booth 4723, it cannot possibly be contained in 1 blog! Camilla has more in store for SDCC fans.

Holbein Booth1

Panels & Live Painting

Camilla will be Live Painting at Holbein’s booth 5104 Saturday July 11th from 10am-11am

Camilla contributes to a live panel, titled “Science Fiction & Sex”, taking place;

Friday, 7/10/15, 11:30a.m. – 12:30p.m., Room: 24ABC

Autograph Area Signing: Friday AA09 01:00 PM – 02:00 PM

Join Camilla’s panel for a dynamite talk, and giveaway goodies. Camilla will be signing afterwards in the AA09, so feel welcome to bring your books, prints or other goodies for signing.

New Prints


Camilla debuts many new prints at SDCC Booth 4723! Find new limited edition signed & numbered 5×7″ petite prints, new 8×10″ prints, new 11×14″ prints and more.



Haut Totes

Meenie tote1

Haut Totes are coming to Camilla’s SDCC Booth! Meenie Miny & Mo debut as a tote, with very few pieces available. These totes are hand-sewn, machine washable and extremely durable. Visit Camilla’s SDCC Booth 4723 early for the most selection.


New Pouches

Narwhal mockup1

New zippered pouches are coming to SDCC! These 9×6″ neoprene pouches have a water-resistant lining inside, are fully machine washable, and feature Camilla’s artwork on both sides. Great for pencil cases, cosmetics, toiletry or travel bags.

Fruitflan mockup1

FurTrauma mockup1

New Petite Prints

Untitled, 7/8/14, 12:18 PM,  8C, 5608x10015 (1211+593), 150%, Repro 2.2 v2,  1/20 s, R53.6, G27.5, B39.6

Camilla has a sweet treat for fans and collectors completing her Sweets & Treats image collection; Moth Be Got and Butterfly Kisses release as signed & numbered editions of 50pcs only at SDCC Booth 4723. These very affordable limited editions will retail for $15ea. As with previous Sweets & Treats petite print editions, any prints left will make their way to The Camilla Store.

Untitled, 6/12/14, 12:38 PM,  8C, 7308x8546 (638+1898), 150%, Custom,  1/15 s, R54.8, G28.8, B43.4


SDCC Exclusive Camilla x Modify Watches

TriHart Watch


Camilla and Modify Watches team up for another exclusive release! These stylish “TriHart” watches will be available in an edition of 25pcs only at Camilla’s booth 4723. If all watches sell at SDCC, they’re gone and not being re-produced! Collect yours, or ask a friend to pick one up for you, and Camilla’s SDCC booth 4723.

New Original Artworks


Camilla is bringing many new original framed graphite drawings and some inked lineart drawings to SDCC Booth 4723! Each piece is one of a kind, so once sold, they are gone baby gone! Visit Booth 4723 early for the most selection.


Badz Attitude

Keep an eye on Camilla’s social media Facebook, twitter @helmetgirl and Instagram @camilladerrico for more updates, and see you at SDCC!

Camilla at Calgary Expo


Camilla returns as a guest artist to Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo, April 24-27! Find Camilla in the Exhibition Hall in the Guest Artist section Table#15

Calgary Expo is held at Stampede Park, with the Exhibition Hall open from:

Thursday April 24: 4-8pm

Friday April 25: 12noon-8pm

Saturday April 26: 10am-7pm

Sunday April 27: 10am-5pm

Spotlight on Camilla Panel


Camilla has been working on lots of projects since her last Calgary visit; the publication of her first Instructional How To Draw book, “Pop Manga,” which sold out of its first printing in the first 6 months! Lots of new paintings for exhibition, new fine art prints, charity prints, merchandise, and the upcoming release of Tanpopo Graphic Novel 2.

Join Camilla on Saturday,  April 26 at 12:30PM in room Palomino C for Spotlight on Camilla d’Errico, where she will speak on her recent publications and take Q&A.

Limited Edition Apparel


Camilla is bringing an assortment of Limited Edition tshirts, leggings, and tote bags to Calgary Expo. Quantities are extremely limited, as few as 1-3pieces in each size, so visit Camilla’s table 15 early for best selection.




New Prints


Camilla is bringing many new print images she has released since her last Calgary visit, including her new charity print image “Rainbow Fingers”. 50% of sales proceeds of Rainbow Fingers prints sold online and at conventions in April will be donated to Wild Earth Guardians, to aid in conservation & restoration efforts.

Here are some of Camilla’s Calgary print offerings;



Dandelion Crown Fine Art Prints
Dandelion Crown Fine Art Prints




Camilla Wallet1

Camilla is bringing the very last of the Dynomighty wallets to Calgary Expo! These limited edition, super durable wallets were only available through select retailers in the USA, with a small number held for Camilla’s conventions. Pick yours up at Table 15.

Camilla wallet2

DustyBunnies Pouch Cos2

Camilla is bringing a limited number of bags, pouches, and art mugs to Calgary Expo. Including some new mug designs released this spring.



Camilla has a limited number of first edition copies of How To Draw – Pop Manga for Calgary Expo. These books sold out from Random House’s distribution in its first 6 months of printing, and Camilla’s Canadian convention stock is at its end. Pop Manga goes into its second printing May 2014.


New Haut Totes on The Camilla Store


New Haut Totes have landed in The Camilla Store! Haut Totes are designer totes and handbags, Hand-Made in the USA from eco-friendly fabrics. Now, Dream Melt and No Ordinary Love are featured on 14×17″ Totes available here.

Haut Totes are exceptionally durable,  double-lined with upholstery grade fabric and a mesh interior. I use Haut Totes for university textbooks, laptop, and as an every-day bag. For which they hold up great, toting heavy loads, and running around in the elements!

No Ordinary Love Tote1

For more from Haut Totes, check out their online shop or follow their Facebook. If you have questions about these totes, or anything on the Camilla Store, drop us a line at store@camilladerrico.com

Camilla at San Deigo Comic Con 2012


Camilla returns to San Diego Comic Con July 11-15th at Booth#4723, located right in the middle of the Fantasy Illustrator, Artists, and Designer Toy sections.


Exhibition Hall hours are;

Wednesday July 11 (Preview Night) 6pm-9pm

Thursday July 12 9:30am-7pm

Friday July 13 9:30am-7pm

Saturday July 14 9:30am-7pm

Sunday July 15 9:30am-7pm


Find Camilla at her booth for signings, and lots of new and special releases!


Camilla will be joining a panel “Censorship and the artist” Thursday July 12  from 12noon-1pm in room 11AB.


New Prints for SDCC


Camilla has a new lineup of Mini Prints for San Deigo Comic Con. A little birdie tells us to keep our eyes peeled for some new favourites.

Brand New Mini Prints available at San Diego Comic Con!

Tanpopo Hardcover GN from BOOM! Studios

With the Kickstarter in the final stages of completion, Camilla’s pleased to showcase Tanpopo Hardcover GN at SDCC! Camilla and these books are rumoured to be joined by a special Guest July 13-15… Tanpopo guest cosplayer Erin Montemurro!

Tanpopo GN 1 will be available at SDCC!


No Ordinary Love Fine Art Statue


With pre-ordered recipients receiving their statues shortly, Camilla has snagged a very few No Ordinary Love Fine Art Statues for San Diego Comic Con. These statues have an international Darkhorse release date of September 2012. These few, and pre-ordered recipients, are months ahead of the world-wide release!


A very small handful of NOL Statues will be available at SDCC
Inquire store@camilladerrico.com for SDCC Pre-Sale


Wouldn’t it be nice to have No Ordinary Love Prints too? 😉 We’ll see!


New Designer Bags and Apparel


Camilla has a brand new line of designer Haut Totes totes and bags for the summer. Haut Totes are on temporary leave, and will be back in August, but these bags are here for SDCC!


One of several new Handbag designs by Haut Totes


Camilla will also have a few of her new, smashingly popular, Donnie Darko “Little Dressup Doll” printed Tops.


Limited Edition Donnie Darko tanktops are alslo up for pre-order at store.camilladerrico.com

Missing Comic Con? No problem! These tanks are up for special online pre-order here

So many new releases, so little time! Stay tuned for more SDCC news, and be sure to RSVP to the Facebook Event here!

Camilla d’Errico Haut Totes Now Available


We’re so excited to announce that brand-new handbags and pouches are here from Haut Totes! Just click on the image above to see only some of the items that are now ready to be shipped.

Hope you took advantage of our sale last month on the designer bags, because they are no longer available to purchase online. And keep in mind – prints of Convoluted LoveTickle MonsterSorceressFruit FuzzJerrel’s BirthdayGlow Friends, and the Neil Gaiman Collab: Angry Universe will soon be gone as well, as we prepare some new items.

The new totes are incredible, hand-made bags by Melissa Lewis in her Northern Neveada home and can be purchased on Etsy. You can learn more about Melissa, and why she started to create her products, here. It’s great to be able to be part of an exclusive art line that is so well respected, and to support handcrafted, independent goods. Artists come in all different shapes and sizes, and supporting all different forms of creativity is always fun.

There are totes, bags, cellphone holders, and pouches currently featured in the store, so please vist the Haut Totes shop to see all the fine quality items that are now available.

Thanks again, for all of your support. More news coming soon, and another contest – so keep on eye on the Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and DeviantArt pages!