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Helmetgirls T-Shirts at Hot Topic

My dream of seeing Helmetgirls come to life is starting to come together!  I’m very excited to announce that Hot Topic is selling some t-shirts with Helmetgirls designs at select stores. These t-shirts are made locally in California and are printed with full color screen process, and they are even varnished for an ultra cool effect on the image.  The garment is top quality, 100% cotton.  These are the first 3 models for the shirts, and if they do well, we will release more colorways and more designs.  So go out and buy yours, together with Hot Topic’s fame for discovering and launching new brands, we can create the Helmetgirls world!

Two of the three models are available online.  The Boa Scarf tee and the Tomoko tee.

helmet blast


Helmetgirls have been a part of me, and my art, since I first began painting. They’ve evolved throughout the years, with their gargantuan headgear changing, and animals joined the head-party too. I have big plans for Helmetgirls, including publishing, so for these shirts to be sold at Hot Topic is a big deal and first important step.  We’re launching a Helmetgirls site, as well, which right now remains a mystery, but all will soon be revealed.