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New Helmetgirls Collection at Hot Topic

They are here!  And although it may be too late for Christmas shopping (but not really for the last minute shoppers), these can for sure be your first buys on Boxing Day!

I’ll send out another update next week, but make sure you check these out because they are seriously AWESOME!!!  And you can get them all on Hot Topic ONLINE. These are online only and maybe hitting HT stores in Canada in the New Year.


Glass Butterflies Hot Topic Tee

Janus Hot Topic Tee

Lollipop Pia Hot Topic Tee


Strawberry Crows Hot Topic Tee

Helmetgirls are taking over everyone! This is so exciting for me because there will be tons more Helmetgirls news throughout 2011!  You’ve told me how much you love them, and I’m going all out!  Thanks for the inspiration!

And happy Helmetgirls shopping!

<3 Camilla


Hey Everyone,

Hope you are all having an amazing summer.  Camilla’s Crew has been extra busy this summer with a crazy CON season.  We’ve just done Anime Expo LA, San Diego Comic Con and Anime Evolution in Vancouver.  Lots of people were wearing clothing by Camilla!  Check out our online store for available t-shirts here: http://camilla.bigcartel.com/category/clothing Also wanted to let you know that as a special thank you to all the amazing fans we saw over the weekend… we invite you to shop online and save.  Just input the CODE:  AE and you will receive a 10% DISCOUNT!  Thank you!

DSCN4643 DSCN4642

To check out all the aweome pictures, check out our Facebook Fanpage here: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=5235815&id=863360471&ref=fbx_album#!/camilladerricoart?ref=ts or at Flickr here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/40669587@N04/ Next up is Fan Expo Toronto and Dragon Con – we are hoping to see an army of Helmetgirls.

tanpopo_3_cover sneak-peek-T3-3 sneak-peek-T3-7

YES IT”S TRUE!!! We have the most exciting news to share.  TANPOPO VOLUME  3 is now available on our online store here:http://camilla.bigcartel.com/product/tanpopo-volume-3

“Devils and Foxes” and other tales from the collection, “Strange Stories From a Chinese Studio” inspire Tanpopo Volume 3.  In this 50 page volume, Kuro’s efforts for Tanpopo to experience sadness intensify, and too does his wickedness.  An old woman, wary of the devil-boy, takes Tanpopo in, showing her kindness and affection.  Get yours today to find out what happens…the third in the 10-part series about Tanpopo and Kuro, will surely touch your emotions.

Talk to you soon,


d’Errico Studios in the news!

Hey everyone, I think this is just so cool:  d’Errico Studios gives its take on designer toys for Toy Directory!  AdaPia and I were interviewed before for BrandYou, a social media marketing consultancy, talking about how much fun we have with Facebook, and Twitter, etc.  And now TD Monthly, the toy directory and magazine, interviewed her for their article about Designer Toys. Hopefully through a big network like TD the designer toys can start to get out in a bigger way!


You all know by know we founded d’Errico Studios, where we design, make and sell some of our own merchandise (other times, like for the handbags or the card cases, we work with other manufacturers under license agreements).  It has been a whirlwind, but also very exciting.  Makes me so proud! ^_^


The Hot Topic T-Shirts news is also still making its way around!  They are really so great.  I wanted to send a shout out to a few bloggers and friends who are helping to spread the news about the shirst, like Paul at Buy-Tees.net, and Jean at Girly Bubble. I’m probably missing tons more, so thank you to everyone who’s been promoting these ^_^.


Helmetgirls T-Shirts at Hot Topic

My dream of seeing Helmetgirls come to life is starting to come together!  I’m very excited to announce that Hot Topic is selling some t-shirts with Helmetgirls designs at select stores. These t-shirts are made locally in California and are printed with full color screen process, and they are even varnished for an ultra cool effect on the image.  The garment is top quality, 100% cotton.  These are the first 3 models for the shirts, and if they do well, we will release more colorways and more designs.  So go out and buy yours, together with Hot Topic’s fame for discovering and launching new brands, we can create the Helmetgirls world!

Two of the three models are available online.  The Boa Scarf tee and the Tomoko tee.

helmet blast


Helmetgirls have been a part of me, and my art, since I first began painting. They’ve evolved throughout the years, with their gargantuan headgear changing, and animals joined the head-party too. I have big plans for Helmetgirls, including publishing, so for these shirts to be sold at Hot Topic is a big deal and first important step.  We’re launching a Helmetgirls site, as well, which right now remains a mystery, but all will soon be revealed.